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"Man is a slow, sloppy and brilliant thinker;
the machine is fast, accurate and stupid."
~ William M. Kelly
Drupal Migration.  It sounds like a disease.  You really need to make sure that those drupals don't migrate somewhere serious, like your liver!  What it really means is that we are updating our website this week.  Matt has emerged from the cave of our office with the equivalent of bat eyes over the past few weeks muttering things like, " is an A record.  www is re-pointed using either a C name record, or another A record."  He would grab more coffee and shuffle back to the office with a wistful look at the nonfiction table and the customers with whom he could be talking.  Then our wifi would go down and a faint whimper would echo from the office.  We stopped asking questions.  And now, the day is finally here!  Tuesday is the website transition day!  What could go wrong?!  ....cough, cough!  That means that our website will be down for several hours on Tuesday,so make your purchases today if your order is time sensitive!  For a little "blast from the past" enjoyment, we've gone back to look at some homepage shots of our website over the past decade.  We think you'll get a kick out of some of the features below!

**The last customer on our "old" website and the first customer on our "new" website will both receive some extra book-lovin'-goodies in their packages. 

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Staff Picks:
From 2001:
We were selling The Secret Lives of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd and lots of Bob the Builder for the little ones.

From 2004:
We couldn't sell anything on the website yet, but we were meeting Mary Relindes Ellis for the very first time (author of The Turtle Warrior and Bohemian Flats).  And I think this was our first year of being nominated for the Publisher's Weekly Award!

Remember Flickr?  Me either, but it was big in 2010!  So was Stieg Larsson and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series was just about to be all tied up.
This is what the website looks like today.  We feature our coming authors, what we're currently reading, links to Indiebound, and digital options like KOBO and Acoustik  Check out the changes after Tuesday!

It's a Big Week!

Don't miss this weeks' Michigan authors for adults and kids alike.  Click on any image to learn more about that event!

Thursday, June 25 6-7pm, Reservations Requested
June 26
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Jessilynn's Picks:

I had a hard time only picking 2 books this week, so I went ahead and chose all 3:

The Painter by Peter Heller

Many of you already know about this book because McLean and Eakin fell in love with it in hardcover, but I wanted to remind you about it now that it is available in paperback! 
Peter Heller's writing is, quite simply, stunning.  I often take the liberty of describing his style as Steinbeck-meets-Hemingway with just a dash of Cormac McCarthy.  Despite the violence of his past, Jim Stegner has hopes of a peaceful future.  His plans are shattered when he comes across a man brutally beating a horse on a forest trail one afternoon, and Jim is faced with a moral dilemma that will bring him more grief no matter what choice he makes.  As he struggles to make things right, you will be immersed in his world.  Your ankles will feel the numbing cold of the rivers where he fishes, and your pulse will pound with the decisions he makes.  All the while, your heart will ache for him to find the tranquility his grief has surely earned him.  Each page, from the chill quiet of the Colorado highlands, to the swelter of a New Mexican border town will take you deeper and deeper into this contemporary classic.  You wouldn't want to be friends with any man or woman who doesn't love this book.

The Education of Ivy Blake by Ellen Airgood

Ivy is inspired by her teacher to "amaze herself" over the summer.  It's just hard when she is trying to hide the truth about her home from everyone, including her best friend.  Ivy's mother is not quite what we would all want in a mother.  Her unpredictable behavior makes it very difficult for others to understand her... But she's still Ivy's mom, and there is no limit to the chances she will give her. In the meanwhile, Ivy is learning that there are a lot of people around her who love her and want to help her through some very difficult times. With a gentle, soulful protagonist, this book will live inside of young readers forever in the way that Ellen Foster by Kaye Gibbons lives in adult readers.  My favorite middle reader of the year.  Best for 10 and up.

A Handful of Stars by Cynthia Lord

Yes, that is a blueberry on a dog's nose on the cover.  Lucky is a gentle soul, and it would not surprise me if he could balance a blueberry on his nose.  He's an old dog, and blind, and he takes off on his girl, Lily one June afternoon at the height of blueberry picking season in Maine.  As usual, things go well for Lucky, and he ends up bringing Lily together with a new friend, Salma.  Salma's family travel to farms all over the United States working harvests of blueberries, cherries, grapes, and more.  The girls will only see one another once a year, but friendships can be formed in less time.  Have you ever noticed that the top of a blueberry looks like a star?  If you held a bunch of them in your hand, you would have a handful of stars.  Sometimes it's the simple things that can mean so much.  Suitable for 9 (if they're a strong reader) to 13.
Found on the Shelf:

Sophistication is Overrated by The Slageter Sisters, Babs Horner and Susan Palma

The Slageter Sisters, affectionately known as Sue-Sue and Babs, might be the most ingenious party throwers on the planet. Their book, Sophistication is Overrated, is not only GORGEOUS and meticulously thought out, it is also hilarious! Filled with incredible party ideas, menus. and decor advice, the book is divided into two distinct categories. "So Chic", tells you how to plan and create stunning dinner parties for all occasions at a low cost budget without sacrificing class and sophistication. "So Slageter", is to ....well, it is to do the exact same thing but with hilarious, entertaining, and mildly crass themes. If you're sweet use just the "So Chic" sections, if you're spicy use the "So Slageter" sections, and if you might be a little bit of both then for goodness sakes get yourself a coffee table book you will actually use!