Celebrating 100 Years of Filmmaking 
in the Redwood Region 
Spring has sprung here in Humboldt and Del Norte counties! Our rainy season is coming to an end and everything is lush and green.  The rivers are rushing with fresh rainwater.  The California golden sunshine brings the wildflowers in full bloom. Springtime up here is divine and a perfect time for filming your next production!   
      ~Cassandra Hesseltine, 
Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commissioner
FLICS, President
Azalea State Natural Reserve
Azalea State Natural Reserve is a state nature reserve of California located north of the college town of Arcata, and slightly above the Mad River - not far from where it enters the Pacific Ocean. It's a 30-acre reserve for western azalea (Rhododendron occidentale) and includes a parking lot for staging.
The reserve is dedicated to the preservation of the western azalea.  The reserve offers a short self-guided nature trail and includes other plants of the north coast area as well. 
Each spring, a plethora of a variety of colors blossoms. Best time to visit is in April and May when the azaleas are in bloom.
A trail where budding Azaleas are about to bloom
View of Arcata bottoms from Azalea State Natural Reserve


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