And the COLA Award Winner for Location Manager of the Year Goes To...
Congratulations to COLA Awards WINNER 

Brenda Ferrell

who won Location Manager of the Year - Print Ad Campaigns

From left: Scouting partner Sheri Salina, Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commissioner Cassandra Hesseltine, and location manager and winner Brenda Ferrell.  Photo Courtesy of B. Ferrell

for Details Magazine (Brad Pitt)  - Shot in Humboldt County! 

Photos courtesy of Mark Seliger Photography

From the Commissioner:
We have had quite the year here, culminating with the COLA Awards taking place just last month in Los Angeles. A HUGE Congratulations to Brenda Ferrell who won Location Manager of the Year - Print Ad Campaigns, for the DETAILS Magazine featuring Brad Pitt.  The spread was entirely shot here in beautiful Humboldt County, by renowned photographer Mark Seliger.  
From the Ocean to a Forest to
Winding Roads to Wild Fields

We have it all here in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties! 

Mark Seliger, photographer, captures the essence of Brad Pitt, looking for solitude in a world full of chaos behind the Redwood Curtain by utilizing the varying looks the region has to offer.

The cover showcases golden rolling hills above our majestic forest line. 
Born to Be Wild

We have gorgeous long winding remote country roads and most of our are lined with tall evergreen trees.  

Here the production was able to have the popular "Avenue of the Giants," closed for this particular photo to guarantee the safety of the talent as well as the photographer.  
The Giants

Our old growth groves can make even the largest movie star look small!  

Here Pitt rests among the giants in a bed of ever green sorrel with natural light in Humboldt Redwoods State Park.  

Moody Coastline

Our rocky coastline (some even with black sand and rock as shown here) can add to any project. 

The team snapped some quick shots at one of our most popular spots, Luffenholtz Beach, at dusk.