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City of Arcata - A Ton of Locations - All in One Town

Arcata is a lovely college town that literally backs into the Redwood Community Forest. There's never been a more camera-ready region.

Just on Humboldt State University campus and in the woods alone, there are a million and one shots.  

Combine that with the gorgeous period architecture (Victorian and Craftsman)...

and the fact that the beach is literally a 5 minute ride away, it creates limitless potential for productions.

Check out "Memories", a music video quite recently shot right here in Arcata.
"Memories" Kashmir & BassJacker feat. Sirah

In the video, all shot locally, we see a cafe, the beach, the woods, the town... Where else can you get ocean, coastline, forest, city and more all in one location? 

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 Check out this video of stellar locations!
Humboldt & Del Norte Film Commission HD
Humboldt & Del Norte Film Commission HD

From the Commissioner:
Although our region is well known for our Redwood trees and picturesque coastline, we also take pride in our unique architecture, from victorian to vintage to country and coastal. We even have a bit of city flair. Eureka and Arcata, for instance, possess alleyways and building walls with gorgeous murals that were painted by some very talented local artists.  They make an unique backdrop for any project.    
~ Cassandra Hesseltine, 
    Humboldt & Del Norte Film Commissioner
Murals and Alleys
Eureka and Arcata are two cities that are practically sisters separated by only a few miles along Humboldt Bay.  Eureka has more of a workingman's and businesslike character to it, whereas Arcata has that "college town" feel.  Both towns are beautifully civically engineered, with tree-lined streets and plenty of parks and open spaces. Both have exquisite historical victorian homes and buildings. But what's really interesting about these two towns and what one wouldn't expect to see, are the incredible murals tucked into the alleyways and in unexpected spots...

The Arkley Center for the Performing Arts rear wall is just as gorgeous as the front entrance
A mural in Eureka spruces up the alley, the sign was modified to 
"No Barking" instead of "No Parking"
This Mural by Duane Flatmo is at the Los Bagels in Arcata
The Arkley Center for the Performing Arts also hosts this mural
A "Diego Rivera-esque" scene is painted on the walls of the local Co-Op (Grocery) in Eureka
The various and distinct styles of these paintings mirror the diversity and beauty in our community. 
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