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Private & Secluded,but also PRECARIOUS!!  

The Oceanfront Chalet has a (seasonal) 45 foot waterfall. What other location has their very own cascade? 

The only thing is - it's very hard to get to, especially to take equipment - but it can be done and the shots one can achieve are worth it! 

Proceed with Caution! 

The waterfall normally has a lovely effect, but when it rains it really rushes down the rocks!

The trail is a rocky and sometimes steep descent.  One could also take a short (and highly picturesque) boat ride from the Trinidad marina over with crew and equipment.  



Who would think we might have a National Monument, right here on the North Coast?Just look at the gorgeous coastline that stretches out in front of us. This area is rich in geological history and biological resources. The rocks dotting Trinidad Bay are now part of California Coastal National Monument (CCNM).The Bureau of Land Management manages the CCNM, a network of over 20,000 small islands, exposed reefs, rocks and pinnacles spanning California's entire 1100 mile coastline.Sea Stacks: Hard rocks of the old coastThis is the view of the sea stacks from the Pirate's Cove, Oceanfront Chalet's private beach. 

Large masses of land are continually slumping into the ocean. The slow moving landslides, or earth flows, are a mixture of sediments from soft clay to hard rock. Like Rocky Road ice cream left in the hot sun, wave energy melts the softer sediments away, leaving behind large, chunky rocks. Many of the rocks you see close to shore were deposited from earth flows.

A View of the Sea Stacks from the Trinidad Lighthouse
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Humboldt & Del Norte Film Commission HD

From the Commissioner:
This gem of the Lost Coast is set upon 10 secluded acres.  This month we present for your consideration - The Oceanfront Chalet in Trinidad, California. 
 ~ Cassandra Hesseltine, 
Humboldt & Del Norte Film Commissioner
The Oceanfront Chalet
Trinidad, California
The OC has an unassuming exterior that purposefully blends in with the nature that surrounds it. 
Inside, we find rich earth tones and redwood that echoes the colors and feel of the redwood trees. 
Amenities Galore
This chalet has it all from a gorgeous open kitchen to a double ended claw foot tub.  Relax with a soak in the hot tub or watch the sunset by the campfire.  
Spacious gourmet kitchen 
The Loft is funky fresh
A double ended claw foot tub adds an opulence to this rustic setting
Soak in the hot tub with breathtaking views
Get cozy with a wood burning stove, a large plasma screen tv and peek into the telescope to take in the breathtaking views.

Watch the sun melt into the sea from your lovely campfire.
Sweeping Panoramic Ocean Views 
As the morning fog pulls back into the sea, sea stacks are revealed on the Chalet's own private beach paradise. 
Another view of property from its sprawling 10 acre estate
 (showing the owner's house to left)  
Exclusive to the Property
Where else can you find a private 10 acre estate with its trail, zipline, a private beach and cove with driftwood scupltures and sea stacks, a waterfall and redwood trees too? The Oceanfront Chalet truly has it all. 
The waterfall cascades to the beach
That's right! a Zip Line!
Driftwood form natural sculptures with the dramatic seascape as a backdrop  
Pirate's Cove is the OC's own private beach, with a stretch of BLACK SAND!!??!!
Night Time is the Right Time
Watch as the sun melts into the sea
The Chalet glows with a candlelight effect at night
The moon rise over the ocean is particularly breathtaking
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