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The Wild West & Quaint Victorians



Historic Old Town Eureka feels as if you've stepped back in time, to the days of panning for gold and one can feel the 'old west' spirit here.  

The Victorian archi-tecture is stunning and we have some of the prettiest painted ladies this far north of San Francisco. This one is called "The Pink Lady" and is in pristine condition. Across the street from her is the 'Carson Mansion'. These two ladies remind us of the days of the Gold Rush when money was no object and opulence and luxury were the priority.  The Carson Mansion does not allow filming inside.  Curb side only.

 An Old Map of Eureka

The waterfront along old town offers a lovely place to relax and take in the view of the bay, bridges and Woodley Island. 

Bustling & Quaint Villages & Towns


Arcata's Plaza is the center of community activity for the town.  A weekly Farmer's Market, along with live music grace the plaza every weekend.Arcata has gorgeous retail shops with unique boutique offerings, a majority are made locally from local resources.  

Arcata has quite a few jewels of the Victorian Era.  This gorgeous Vic is visible from the freeway driving into Arcata. 

The Plaza in Arcata in the 1890's - It doesn't look much different today, just paved roads and in color! 

Every year at the Creamery (a gorgeous historic landmark in Arcata) they hold a  The Creamery Festival - a three day neighborhood community arts event presented by Playhouse Arts and Creamery neighborhood partners to celebrate the artistic diversity of the historic Creamery District and Humboldt County. The event features outdoor pageant performance, live music, late night comedy, variety and circus, art installations, arts & crafts booths, food vendors and more. 

Arcata is unique in that it has a large Redwood Community Park that lies on the perimeter of town and climbs into the hillside, and is even the 'backyard' of some lucky residents. 


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Shoot Your Next Project in Humboldt & Del Norte!  Check out this video of stellar locations!
Humboldt & Del Norte Film Commission HD
Humboldt & Del Norte Film Commission HD

From the Commissioner, 
Whether your project calls for an elementary, middle, high school or university setting - we've got you covered! Featured below are Winship Middle, Eureka High and Humboldt State University.  These particular schools stand out due to their architectural detail, unique looks and geographic setting.  EHS and HSU are both agreeable to film while school is in session while Winship is conditional.  Whatever you're looking to shoot, most likely we have it here in the redwood region. 
 ~ Cassandra Hesseltine, 
Humboldt & Del Norte Film Commissioner
Making School 'Cool' Again - 
Eureka High 
Along with the incredible diversity of nature with our redwoods and oceans, rivers and bays, we also boast some of the most unique architecture - from Victorian and Craftsman, to Art Deco and even ultra modern, one can find it all here.  Take for example our schools, here we feature HSU, Winship Middle and Eureka High Schools.  Perfect for your next project! 

Eureka High School - Built in 1925, A Perfect Example of 'Gothic Revival', Art Deco Architecture

Established in 1896, Eureka High School was the first high school on the far North Coast of California. The current main Eureka High School building, at 1900 J Street, is a Gothic Revival structure originally built in 1925 as the Eureka Junior High. The building was designed by John J. Donovan of Oakland and built by James McLaughlin of San Francisco.  It is a perfect example of Art Deco's "Gothic Revival" architecture.

Hallways of Eureka High School
The redwood detail inside the school is unique and stunning.  It gives off a warm feeling.  Could also be used as a 'city hall' or other government office shot.  
Winship Middle School - Nestled Among the Trees
Winship Middle School is surrounded by Redwoods with a gorgeous courtyard (lawn), Winship Middle School is located in Cutten, California, right outside of Eureka (and is part of Eureka City School District).  It recently opened, after undergoing a major revamp. Looking 'classy' now! 
Winship school is surrounded by Redwoods with a gorgeous courtyard (lawn), Winship Middle School is located in Cutten, California, right outside of Eureka (and is part of Eureka City School District).  

Every first Friday of the month, students and faculty enjoy "Lunch on the Lawn", what a gorgeous setting! 
The "Lawn" at Winship Middle School
Humboldt State University - Stairway to Heaven
Known by locals as Hills and Stairs University, HSU has a super unique campus setting, built into the hillside of Arcata, California, and tumbling right into the Community Redwood Forest. 
Here's one of the main entrances to HSU. It's quite the marvel to look at, and once you get to the top of campus, it has breathtaking panoramic views of farmland, ocean, rolling hills and the town.  

Breathtaking views from atop campus and even from the classrooms!
Students have a living breathing laboratory in their own backyard as the Redwood Community Forest fuses into the campus, providing trails and observation platforms.
Campus living is fun and relaxing with all the amenities of a bigger school, including a market, an eatery type cafeteria, a large library, and ultra modern recreational facility with an excellent climbing wall.  
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