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California Gets New Tax Incentives!


  • Increases tax credit program funding from $100 million to $330 million; extended for 5 years
  • Expands eligibility to big-budget feature films, 1-hr TV series (for any distribution outlet) and TV pilots
  • Eliminates budget caps for studio and independent films 
  • Replaces lottery selection with a ranking system based on jobs and other criteria
  • Adds a 5% "Uplift" for productions that film outside the 30-Mile Zone, as well as for visual effects and music scoring/recording performed in-state.
For more infomation, visit the California Film Commission website.
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Humboldt & Del Norte Film Commission HD
Humboldt & Del Norte Film Commission HD

From the Commissioner, 
Everyone knows there is a drought through out California.  But what you might not know is Humboldt, Del Norte and the surrounding areas are covered with an evergreen forest of Redwoods and 6 rivers (some dam controlled).  So if your project requires water or a green looking forest, we have you covered.

 ~ Cassandra Hesseltine, 
Humboldt & Del Norte Film Commissioner
Flowing Rivers
Humboldt and Del Norte Counties have a combined six significant rivers that flow through the redwood country: Klamath, Eel, Trinity, Mad, Smith, and Van Duzen.   

The Smith river is the only river in the state of California that is not controlled by a dam.  It's entirely free flowing for 25 miles throughout Del Norte County.  The other 5 rivers are all controlled by dam which means that they are not dependent on snow melt and have water flowing through them year round.  

Smith River in Del Norte County, California.
Photo courtesy of Jon Parmentier

According to Derek Bond, a local location scout, all 6 rivers have such varied looks.  "It's so interesting to film here...you can get one look and then drive an hour and see a total different look."  Bond, who is often the go to scout for our many rivers and tributaries, says, "In one day you can see Montana high country look-a-likes and then drive to another river that mimics the Midwest slow moving rivers."  

Eel River in Humboldt County, California.
Photo courtesy of David Baselt

If you are looking for rapids, we have those too!  Everything from a class 1 to a class 5 with guides who can help navigate the rapids as well as inform you of the best locations to put in and pull out along the river.

Trinity River rapids.
Photo courtesy of Christina Peterson

Accommodations is an important question when contemplating filming along a river in the country.  There are many film friendly places to stay along the way including the Marble Mountain Guest Ranch along Somes Bar that has put up many productions for the night that were shooting on the river.  Marble Mountain Guest Ranch is the best of both worlds because not only are they a dude ranch but they are also for hire for rafting trips.

Marble Mountain Guest Ranch
Photo courtesy of Marble Mountain Guest Ranch

For more information on our rivers, streams, ocean, bay, lagoons or any other kind of body of water that we have in the Redwood Region, give us a call or email us.  We look forward to speaking with you!

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