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It's a wrap for Bigfoot film shot in Del Norte...

Primal Rage: The Legend of Oh-Mah, directoed by Patrick Magee wrapped in Del Norte County this winter.  Magee's the genius behind the special effects in some major movies, including Spiderman, Jurassic Park III and Artificial Intelligence. 

"Outbreak" Film Celebrates it's 20th Anniversary
The film "Outbreak" is celebrating its 20 year anniversary!  Starring Dustin Hoffman and Renee Russo, this dramatic film used the Victorian village of Ferndale amongst other locations in Humboldt County as its backdrop to this high energy, fast- moving film. 
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Humboldt & Del Norte Film Commission HD
Humboldt & Del Norte Film Commission HD

From the Commissioner, 
It's with great pleasure that we were able to welcome back Kevin Arnold Photography to the redwood region again!  This is Kevin's second time shooting with us and we couldn't be more pleased to have this Canadian shooting in our neck of the woods.  Check out what Kevin was up to below!
~ Cassandra Hesseltine, 
Humboldt & Del Norte Film Commissioner
Kevin Arnold, Photographer - Returns to Region for Fabulous Shoot


Kevin Arnold on Location

Kevin Arnold graced us with his presence once again for a large commercial ad campaign.  Arnold says he sometimes looks for days for the right location and often waits for hours for the perfect lighting to achieve authenticity in his photographs. 

Here's a peek with a behind the scenes video:

Kevin Arnold Photography - Behind The Scenes
Kevin Arnold Photography - Behind The Scenes


Merrily, Merrily.... Life is But a Dream! 




When asked about his experience filming and shooting in our beautiful region, Arnold replied: 


"We really felt welcomed and supported through the entire pre-production and shoot. We would definitely recommend Humboldt County to other photographers and filmmakers who are looking for amazing locations in a shoot-friendly community."  


-Kevin Arnold Photography


On location on the beach in Trinidad, CA...

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