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Angela Lee, Producer of Primal Rage
Angela Lee, Producer of Primal Rage
Primal Rage films in Del Norte
Matt Westbrook talks about filming on his property.

"We had the fortune to work with the film commission on our recent production for Columbia Pictures.


They were there for us every step of the way from scouting through production.  The Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission is hard working, informative, and understood our needs throughout."


- Douglas Dresser, Location Manager


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From the Commissioner, 
Everyone knows that one of Humboldt and Del Norte's special features is our redwood groves.  We have everything from National & State Parks to City and County Parks to Private Groves.  We can help you find the right set of redwoods for your next project!  Below are some examples of what we have to offer.

~ Cassandra Hesseltine, Humboldt & Del Norte Film Commissioner
Private Grove 


Parmer Westbrook Ranch

The Parmer Westbrook Ranch lies on close to 30 acres in the upper portion of Del Norte County in Smith River.    Redwoods, mossy maples, and a working ranch make up this film friendly location.  

Just last month, the indie feature film "Primal Rage" took advantage of this quiet, secluded grove to shoot sixteen days on private land.
City Grove

Sequoia Park  

Sequoia Park is located on the edge of the City of Eureka in Humboldt County.   Sequoia Park is a 67 acre park that features bicycle trails and a road through the redwood forest, meadows, duck pond and two small creeks.   

The filming permit for the park is free of cost.  However, donations are always appreciated. 

The park has had everything from commercials to print ad to feature films shoot here.  
State Grove

Humboldt Redwood State Park

Located in southern Humboldt, Humboldt Redwood State Park sits on 53,000 acres (of which 17,000 is made up of old growth redwoods).

Avenue of the Giants (32 miles of scenic highway) is a popular road for filming.

The park has been filmed in all types of productions.  The most recent studio feature to shoot here was "After Earth," starring Will and Jaden Smith and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

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