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Location Spotlight: Smith River
The Patrick Creek Lodge & Historical Inn is located right on the Smith River, the last wild river in California and fifth cleanest in the world, with plenty of opportunities to film fishing, kayaking, biking, and hiking. 
Local Business Spotlight
The Palmer Westbrook Ranch
Located in Smith River, California, the Easter Lily capital of the world, this ranch can assist with animal wrangling, livestock, horses, and much more.  Visit their website at
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February, 1st 2014
Note from the Commissioner,  

With the indie film, Love in the Time of Monsters, making it's world premiere in March, we thought it was appropriate to highlight it's main location: Patrick Creek Lodge and Historical Inn in Del Norte County.  The film was shot there almost in it's entirety and took advantage of all that it had to offer (i.e. film location, accommodations, bar, restaurant, and forest).  They were able to find everything they needed all in one location.  A producer's dream! 

Enjoy the read on this gem and check our website out for many more!

Filmmaker Spotlight: Love in the Time of Monsters
Quote from Allison Vanore, Producer of Love in the Time of Monsters
"Shooting the feature film Love in the Time of Monsters in Del Norte county was an amazing and welcoming experience for TBC Films.  We were contacted by Film Commissioner Cassandra Hesseltine early on and ever since she was right there with us with ideas, resources, and support.  The press conference she coordinated prior to us filming helped to introduce us to the community who in-turn welcomed us with open arms.  We were able to coordinate local hires, community involvement and forge lasting relationships with the people of the Crescent City and Gasquet communities.  Not only were we able to film in a beautiful picturesque location that made up the backdrop for our film's setting but we felt like we became a part of the community and the history of the area at the same time.  We said from the beginning that we'd be back to share the film with the community and the Film Commission supported our efforts and joined us in presenting the film at the Crescent City Cinema this past September. We continue to support film production in Del Norte county as it was not only a pleasure but an honor to film there.  Now we just need to find a way to return and film another movie!"

Location Spotlight: Patrick Creek Lodge & Historical Inn
Located right up against the Six Rivers National Forest is the Patrick Creek Lodge & Historical Inn.  The first lodge, built in the late 1800's was called the Patrick Creek Stage Station.  The lodge, as we know it today, was completed in 1926 and became a popular place for travelers to stop on their journey through Del Norte County.
Built right on Highway 199, 30 minutes from Crescent City, California, and 45 minutes away from Brookings, Oregon, the lodge offers private cabins and the main building with a full service restaurant and bar.   Recently the feature film, Love in the Time of Monsters filmed on location in the Patrick Creek Lodge, so the staff and management are accustomed to the expectations and needs that come with film production.  If you are looking for any type of rustic lodge or cabin set in a forest, then this is the location for you.

For more information please email us at

Cassandra Hasseltine
Film Commissioner
Humboldt & Del Norte County

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Project Spotlight:
Love in the Time of Monsters
Filmed in the historic Patrick Creek Lodge in Gasquet California, this comedy horror is going to be making it's world premiere  at the 24th Annual Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose California.  The festival runs from March 4th to the 16th, with 3 different times to see the film on the 8th, 10th, and 15th.  Enjoy!
After Earth
DVD Released October 8th.  If you haven't seen it, go check it out. 
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