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Just finished filming in Hoopa (Humboldt County) for it's "Bigfoot" episode airing this spring! 

Special Thanks!
To all that help make it possible...
Shoots like Details Magazine are possible in the redwood region thanks to our film friendly park rangers (Humboldt Redwood State Park & Redwood National Park),Humboldt County Parks (Luffenholtz Beach), local CHP, local Crew, local Caterer, Arcata Eureka Airport, and many others that keep the infrastructure in place for high quality shoots like this to exist in our area. 

A big thank you to all that help make it possible!

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From the Commissioner, 

The redwood region is versatile.  We have roads for car commercials, Victorian villages for feature films, and the tallest trees in the world for any type of project!  We are the perfect location for film, commercials, tv shows, print ad, you name it!  We are perfect for all mediums. 

And this next featured project shows how print ad and video can use our locations to the fullest!
Check it out!

Brad Pitt, A Photo Portpholio by Mark Seliger

The redwood region is always honored to have shoots in our neck of the woods.   And this one is no exception!  Not only were we delighted to have one of the biggest Hollywood stars but we were also thrilled to have it be for Details Magazine with none other than Mark Seliger as the photographer.  

This delightfully organic shoot highlights three of our outstanding locations: golden rolling hills (as seen on the cover), our rocky coastline, and our stellar redwood forests.  We could not have asked for a better shoot to showcase our area and we are ever so grateful they choose us for their November 2014 issue!  We have included a few of the photos below.  To see the full slideshow click here.  To watch the behind the scenes video, click here!


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Cassandra Hesseltine
Film Commissioner

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