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"Throughout the entire process the film commission was fantastic, quick to respond and extremely knowledgeable about the resources in their area.  We could not be more pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend this beautiful area and great people to other productions."

- Travis Dowell, Producer


After Earth

"We had the fortune to work with the film commission on our recent production for Columbia Pictures. Cassandra was there for us every step of the way from scouting through the production.  Cassandra is hard working, informative, and understood our needs throughout."

- Douglas Dresser, Location Manager

Returning Photographer 

"We really felt welcomed and supported through the entire pre-production and shoot. We would definitely recommend Humboldt County to other photographers and filmmakers who are looking for amazing locations in a shoot-friendly community."Kevin Arnold Photography

Mark Seliger Photography

"Shooting in Humboldt County would not have been possible without the guidance of Cassandra. It is one of the most spectacular places in the world to shoot, and Cassandra was invaluable to our production." 

Ruth Levy, Exec. Producer 

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From the Commissioner, 
With the new tax incentives underway for 2015, everyone is excited at the idea that filming will be coming back to California!  This month's newsletter is a reminder of what makes this region of California so special.  Additionally, we have thrown in a few testimonies along the way to show you how we have helped others with their shoots!

Film California! ~ Cassandra Hesseltine, Humboldt & Del Norte Film Commissioner
Redwood Region
What are we known for?  Redwoods of course!  The tallest trees in the world matter of fact!  And some of the oldest, largest groves of these bad boys!  

Our trees have been featured in everything from films to commercials to print ads and more!
Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park (photo courtesy of David Baselt)
Speeder chase scene in Return of the Jedi
(shot throughout Humboldt & Del Norte Counties).
Casio, G Shock Watch Ad shot in Jedidiah Smith State Park.
The Coastline
If you are looking for the perfect beach with golden hour sunsets, look no further.  We have you covered.
Moonstone Beach (photo courtesy of Patti Stammer)
Jeremy Strong & Fairuza Balk at Luffenholtz
Beach for Humboldt County, the movie.
Christopher Wilson Photography shoot.

Many car commercials have been shot on our roads!  We have everything from dirt & paved roads through the redwoods to green & brown grassy hills to ocean frontage roads.
Avenue of the Giants (photo courtesy of Patti Stammer)
Del Norte County (Jeep Ad)
Bear River Road (courtesy of Patti Stammer)

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