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South Beach, Crescent City
This curving, crescent-shaped beach gives Crescent City its name and is popular with surfers, families and nature lovers alike. With its calm waters and sandy beach area, South Beach is a great spot for swimming, long walks and hunting for sand dollars.
The beaches of Crescent City are also know for their great surfing spots ,oceanfront drives,  sandy beach areas and rocky reef areas that are easily accessible from Highway 101
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From the Commissioner, 

This month we're going to take a closer look at a newly updated and refurbished Crescent City Harbor District.  A 3 year project, costing over 54 million dollars has made the Crescent City Harbor a new destination spot in Del Norte County.  There's more then just boats and fish here too, the harbor has an art studio with display areas, and a multitude of nice restaurants, offering of course the freshest seafood.   
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The Crescent City Harbor
Covering 35 acres along the Pacific Coast just south of Crescent City on Highway 101 is the Crescent City Harbor.  The harbor is the northernmost of California's "Harbors of Safe Refuge," one of eighteen ports in the state that has been designated for boaters seeking shelter from heavy seas.  The new marina, dedicated in March of 2014 can accommodate over 240 vessels, and is the only specifically designed tsunami-resistant harbor on the West Coast.  The new harbor took three years and cost over 54 million dollars.  The harbor serves both as the home port for a large commercial fishing fleet, and as a base for recreational boaters. 

Traditionally, more Dungeness crab is caught and offloaded at the harbor than in any other port in California. In 2012, according to the California Department of Fish and Game, over $25 million of Dungeness crab was landed at the port. The Crescent City commercial fleet also fishes for shrimp, salmon, tuna and rockfish.   The United States Coast Guard maintains a base at the harbor, where they moor their 70 foot cutter the USCGC Dorado.  

By the end of September 2014, the Harbor Promenade Interpretive trail and the extension of the California Coastal Trail will be completed. This trail winds around the periphery of the harbor and offers visitors interpretive and educational signage, multiple custom bike racks and wind shelter. The decorative bike racks are designed to look like a tuna, the Golden Gate Bridge and an octopus.  Large ceramic murals decorate a number of the harbor buildings along with a painted mural depicting the harbor on our maintenance building.  South Beach, an uninterrupted three mile stretch of sandy beach, is located on the south side of the harbor.  This harbor can fulfill so many different shooting needs, and the best part is its location on the beautiful Northern California coast makes it the perfect place for any film.


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