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Location Spotlight: Trinity River
The gorgeous Trinity River flows through the Six Rivers national Forest right by the small town of Willow Creek.  The upper part of the river offers classic Class III runs with moderate rapids.  As well as the Burnt Ranch Gorge, which is one of the toughest runs in the entire state.  The river is also know for being especially scenic as it winds its way through canyons and mountain meadows.  And of course the river is known for the fishing of salmon and stelhead.
Local Business Spotlight
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The town's China Flat Museum is a fun spot to visit and get a feel for the area's American Indian history and art, and offers an opportunity to step back in time with the pioneers and gold miners. One of our big attractions of course is the... "Bigfoot exhibit," which opened its doors in May 2000, it containins generous donations of items including Bigfoot foot print casts, Bigfoot pictures, maps, and other papers exhibited in a building specifically built to house this collection. The upstairs of this Bigfoot Collection building houses a research center that has items pertaining to Humboldt County and Trinity County. We update The Bigfoot exhibit as new items come in, so when you stop in to see it you will see the latest of our collection.
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Auguest, 1st 2014
Note from the Commissioner,  

As summer comes to an end we thought it would be appropriate to put a spotlight on one of Humboldt and Del Norte Counties biggest and most famous celebrities and where it lives, that's right, this month we're talking about Bigfoot and Willow Creek.  The legend of our furry friend has been bringing people form all around the world to our beautiful counties for years and years now, and with more regularity film and television productions have been coming up trying to capture the spirit of it's legend or the Bigfoot itself on camera.  Willow Creek is a nice little hamlet located in the Six Rivers National Forest, and just seeing the area will bring that adventurer's spirit alive, and you'll be wondering yourself if Bigfoot is real or not.

Enjoy the read on this gem and check our website out for many more!

Location Spotlight: 
Willow Creek
Nestled in the heart of the Six Rivers National Forest is the rugged and charming little community of Willow Creek.  45 minutes inland, located on State Highways 299 and 96, Willow Creek is right on the border in between Humboldt and Del Norte Counties.  Settled in the 1850s by pioneers in search of gold, the town was once a gold mining supply point known as China Flat.   Surrounded by more than a million acres of dense forest courtesy of the Six Rivers National Park along with the close proximity to the Trinity River, this town is perfect for any film looking for a remote town or campsite.  Willow Creek is also inland enough to receive snow some times in the year and the average rainfall is around 50 to 70 inches per year.  But it does have nice warm summers which attract people from all over Humboldt and Del Norte.
Willow Creeks' biggest attraction isn't the town or the forest, it's what could be in that forest, the legend of Bigfoot.  Whether you believe it or not, people come from all over the world to search the Six Rivers National Forest around Willow Creek for a chance to see this mysterious creature.  Known as Bigfoot Capital of the World, or the Gateway to Bigfoot Country, Willow Creek has a museum dedicated to the Sasquatch, and an annual Labor Day weekend even with a parade and various events to honor their forest friend.  This community is no stranger to film and television crews.  Just recently Bobcat Goldthwait's 2013 independent film, Willow Creek was filmed here, along with episodes of Spike Tv's Bigfoot Hunters.  What has lead to all this attention for this small community?  There have been numerous sightings right around the town, 50 sightings since the 1960s, and the famous Patterson-Gimlin footage was filmed in the area. 

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Cassandra Hasseltine
Film Commissioner
Humboldt & Del Norte County

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Project Spotlight: Willow Creek
Filmed in 2013 in and around Willow Creek, Willow Creek is an independent found footage film of a couple going in search of the mysterious Bigfoot.  Not only does the film use the town of Willow Creek and the surrounding forests, but many of the real life people from the town are featured in the film.  The film went on to get positive reviews after it premiered at the 2013 Independent Film Festival of Boston. 
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