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The Victorian Village of Ferndale
Called "the best preserved Victorian village in California," by Los Angeles Times former travel editor Jerry Hulse, Ferndale California  is an authentic, pristine, and beautiful small town.   Located 10 minutes form the 101 north and 25 minutes from Eureka, Ferndale is easily accessible and convenient. 
If you're looking for small town charm, picturesque dairy farms, a nostalgic main street, or the plethora of Victorian houses and buildings this small town is famous for, then look no further.  The town was captured in 1995's
Outbreak (Warner Bros), and 2001's
The Majestic (Castle Rock Entertainment). 
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From the Commissioner, 

This month we are pleased to bring to your attention the Ferndale Museum.
If you've never been to Ferndale, it is like going back in time, with the Victorian houses and the classic main street.  It's the type of place you have to see to believe.   Feature films like Outbreak, The Majestic, and Salem's Lot took advantage of Ferndale's classic architecture.  
Just off the beaten path is the Ferndale Museum, capturing history at it's finest.  With historical displays and a unique layout, the film friendly museum would make a clever addition to anyone's project.
Check it out!
The Ferndale Museum

In the quiet farming town of Ferndale, California, sits the Ferndale Museum building.  Inside this building is this small town's history, including back issues of the Ferndale Enterprise newspaper, and family papers spanning 140 years.  The museum's collection covers the lower Eel River Valley as far south as the Mattole River Valley and west to the Pacific Ocean.   

With an eclectic and large amount of historical pieces, the museum has collections and exhibits on a variety of different topics.  From a collection of old machinery, and tools from displays on farm, logging, and dairy equipment, to family heirlooms.  There is also a large operator switchboard, a full working blacksmiths forge, and an active Bosch-Omori seismograph.  The seismograph which was shipped and made active in Ferndale in 1933 stayed in operation till 1962.  After it was donated to the city and moved to the museum where it continues to record seismic activity daily.   Along with the collections and exhibits are over six thousands archival photos of the people who lived in this small town.


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