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Only 1.5 miles from the Sunrise Cemetery is the town of Fortuna.  Known for its picturesque farms and beautiful main street, Fortuna is also big enough to have anything that a production needs, hospitals, markets, and and airport.  
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With an eclectic and always changing menu, Dorris & Daughter Catering and Cafe are an amazing place to be able to cater food for productions of any size.  With years of service under their belt there is no better place in Southern Humboldt.
From the Commissioner,

Greetings Film Professionals! As we move into warm weather and clear skies, we thought we would share this gem of a location with you: Fortuna's Sunrise Cemetery.  Located within minutes of accommodations and an award winning brewery, this cemetery is film friendly and has stunning views.  
Fortuna's Sunrise Cemetery

In the small farming town of Fortuna, right off Highway 101 in Humboldt County, is a hidden treasure.  1.5 miles up into the hill is Fortuna's Sunrise Cemetery, known for its dynamic views of the Eel River Valley and the surrounding areas.  Shrubs and trees line one side of the cemetery, blocking the areas behind it, while Redwoods and Pine Trees line the east and south.  One of the defining traits of the cemetery is that it is built on a hill, with grave sites sloping all the way down. With reasonable daily rates and a cooperative and friendly staff, the cemetery would be a great place for productions of every size. 

Approximately 5 acres in size, the cemetery has two distinct and different sections with their own styles and traits.  The Pioneer Section was founded in 1862 with a variety of various era markers and burial tombstones that show some of the first pioneers to the North Coast of California.  One special area of the Pioneer Section are the grave markers for the Founding Fathers of Fortuna, and their ornate tombstones.  The New Section is flat with no markers, grassy and kept green throughout the year, giving it a more updated and new appearance.  This cemetery can be used to depict several historical areas from the Civil War to today.


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