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Pictured above, the Behavioral and Social Sciences Building has a sustainable design that is an integral part of Humboldt State's commitment to providing a healthful workplace for building occupants while minimizing the campus' environmental footprint. Using a design-build process ensured that the project team retained a high degree of control over the selection and implementation of sustainable materials.
Local Crew Spotlight
Coming up to Humboldt- Del Norte Counties and looking for crew?  Humboldt State has a mixture of skilled and talented young students hungry for any opportunity to learn.
With diverse training from the film and theater programs, you can find whatever you are looking for at HSU.
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Want to keep traveling costs down?  Check out our Production Resources page to see our community of local crew members ready to work.
February, 1st 2014
Note from the Commissioner,  

Humboldt State University has a special place in my heart since I am an alum!  Attending college on this spectacular campus with giant redwoods and ocean views was awe inspiring as a student.  And the campus definitely lends itself to be a gorgeous backdrop to any project.  Check it out!  You'll love it!
Location Spotlight: Humboldt State University, Arcata
After moving to it's current location in 1921, Humboldt State University has become one of the dominant landmarks in Northern California's stunning Humboldt County.
With a unique mixture of classic architecture and new buildings the Humboldt State University campus offers a diverse range of possible locations.  Founders Hall, the oldest building on campus, built in 1921, is situated on Preston Hill overlooking Arcata and visible from the Pacific Ocean.  The campus offers a state of the art Fire Lab, an observatory, a greenhouse that contains one of California's largest collection of living plants, along with everything else you could expect from a college campus.  And lets not forget the beautiful town of Arcata, the northern Humboldt Bay area, and the Arcata Redwoods that grow right on campus.   
At Humboldt State University, sustainability is more than a concept to be taught in its classrooms-it is a core principle that guides how it operates. Conserving energy and water, as well as reducing its overall carbon footprint, is the goal of numerous initiatives and policies. As is the case with many green endeavors at Humboldt State, students are deeply involved in creating a campus that operates with sustainability in mind.  As part of this mission, Humboldt State's 89,788-square-foot Behavioral and Social Sciences Building, designed by the Portland firm Yost Grube Hall Architecture (YGH), recently received LEED Gold certification.  The building was the first in the 23-campus California State University system to receive this honor.

The 47th Annual Humboldt Film Festival
Started in 1967 by a group of enterprising Humboldt State University students, the Humboldt Film Festival is now the worlds oldest student-run film festival and receives submissions from all over the globe.  This year the festival runs April 16th to the 19th, with a night dedicated to Animation and Experimental Films, Documentary Films, Narrative Films, and a night for the Best of Fest.  This year's Judges are Joel Moffett, Anayansi Prado, and local Maria Matteoli.
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Cassandra Hasseltine
Film Commissioner
Humboldt & Del Norte County

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Arcata Redwood Park and Community Forest 
Following the logging and deforestation of local forests, the citizens of Arcata gained the rights and title to the forests in the area.  Since the 1930's and 40's the Community Forest is the first municipally owned forest in the State of California  and was to be "managed for the benefit of all citizens of the city, with attention to watershed, recreation, timber management, and other values"  The forests comes right up to the side of Humboldt State University and is a favorite area for students to walk and unwind after a long day of classes.
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