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Located right on the water, the mill is a unique and interesting locale.

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From the Commissioner,

Happy New Year!  Hope you are having a great holiday season.  We're coming up on the rainy season up here in Northern California, but don't think for one minute that means we've packed up our bags for a vacation.  There are few things as beautiful as the Redwood forests during winter with the fog rolling in, or the rivers full of water after a rain.  Come on up and see for yourself!
The Old Samoa Pulp Mill

Opening its doors in 1965 the Old Samoa Pulp Mill presents a unique location for any film looking for an industrial feel.   Operational until 2008 the mill is 225,000 square feet of industrial buildings plus the recovery broiler and the generation building.  There are so many different types of buildings and sites on location you will have no problem finding whatever you need.  

Not only are there plenty of different areas to film in with their different styles and looks, there is also space for abundant parking and plenty of area for staging and storage, so it can handle productions of all sizes.  With electricity and bathrooms on location and working by the middle of January, it is up and running and ready for shooting.
Since this was an operational mill just years ago, there is a worked in quality that production designers and directors will love.  Located right outside Eureka the mill is easy to get to an close to emergency services and every other business you could need. 

photos courtesy of Aldaron Laird.


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