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Congratulations to  Maria Matteoli (and the cast and crew) for winning the Douro Film Harvest festival with your film, The Wine of Summer.
Local Business Spotlight
Cassaro's Catering 

When you're filming, we know you're away from home and working long hours. It's our goal to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We love taking good care of you!  

Cassaro's Catering provides healthy menu selections for the smallest crew to the largest cast.

We will go on location with you to provide full day service or simple drop-off deliveries - even in remote areas. We honor all special requests, including dietary restrictions, vegan and vegetarian menus.

Cassaro's Catering Website  

or email the at

Redwood Curtain Casting
Planning a shoot up here and need any local talent?  Redwood Curtain Casting has been connecting productions and local actors in Humboldt and Del Norte counties since 2006.  Contact at 707-845-4772, or visit:
Redwood Curtain Casting
Check out our Local Production Resources
Want to keep traveling costs down?  Check out our Production Resources page to see our community of local crew members ready to work.
October, 1st 2013
Note from the Commissioner, 

We hope you all had as good a summer as we did.  I am pleased to announce that because of the increased demand for filming in Humboldt and Del Norte County, our office is going to be running full time.  This means we will be able to assist you even more and facilitate an even better shooting experience in California's northern coast.  We are working hard to add more and more locations to our websites galleries (which you can find a link to on the right), and have been finding some exciting and beautiful places to highlight.  We are thrilled to be entering this new phase of the film commission and looking forward to helping you in any way we can.

Recent Filming Activity
Like usual we had a busy summer here, with
numerous commercials ranging from Dodge Truck, Paul Mitchel, and Microsoft's BING Search Engine to a diverse collection of independent short films and documentaries.  Filmmakers from all around the world choose Humboldt and Del Norte Counties because of our majestic landscapes, and temperate climate.  Whatever you are looking for, from farmland to beaches, we have it.
Oh, and don't forget about the redwoods.
Location Spotlight - Fickle Hill Property
Located 5 minutes outside of the artistic community of Arcata, nestled into 80 acres of dense forest, and beautiful open fields, is this property on Fickle Hill. 
Being elevated 1200 feet above the Arcata Bay, this property enjoys more clear days and nights, free from the fog.  It will even snow a few times a year, so with careful planning it can double for an area far to the north.
With an enthusiastic and film friendly owner, the property can handle crews of all sizes.  Experienced at hosting weddings and other large party events, the owner is proficient in problem solving, and is flexible enough to meet every challenge.  With variable rates, they are cooperative and easy to work with.
For more information please email us at

Cassandra Hasseltine
Film Commissioner
Humboldt & Del Norte County

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Project Spotlight:
The Hunter's Head
Quote from Colin Havey, Director of
The Hunter's Head

"Coming from Los Angeles to Humboldt to make a short film turned out to be a bigger challenge than I anticipated. With these types of projects things are subject to change in the blink of an eye and often times what you thought was going to happen ends up being completely different. I was able to bring a small crew and some cast members from LA, but without the help and support of Cassandra Hesseltine and the Humboldt Film Commission, I never would have had a chance to make this happen. They were really supportive and resourceful and made my life a lot easier. I'm currently working on the cut of the film and it's looking great. So happy I chose to film in the Redwoods..."
After Earth
DVD Releases October 8th.  Don't miss it!
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