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Smaller Airports

Garberville Airport

Garberville Airport is nestled in a mountain valley, two miles southwest of the town of Garberville.  This airport sits on 44 acres and one 3,050 foot asphalt runway. 

Dinsmore Airport

This public airport is owned by Humboldt County.  It is located on 23 acres, off Highway 36, one mile east of Dinsmore.  It operates one 2,510 foot asphalt runway.

Murray Field

Murray Field sits three miles east of central Eureka, occupying 146 acres.  This County-owned airport operates one 3,000 feet asphalt runway.

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We're excited to announce that we have redesigned our monthly newsletters and changed the format.  Every month you will receive a location spotlight that will focus on an exciting and beautiful location within Humboldt and Del Norte, along with local businesses that will make filming here even easier.  Seasonally we are going to be sending out our larger newsletters that will keep you apprised of the latest local filming news, trends, and information on our area.  If you see something that interests you don't hesitate to contact us, you can find links to the Humboldt and Del Norte location galleries to the left to see more pictures. 
The Airports of Humboldt County

Humboldt County features a wide array of airport locations.  With diverse landscapes ranging from coastal to mountainous, Humboldt's airports provide prime filming locations as well as staging areas for nearby shoots.

Arcata/Eureka Airport

The largest airport between San Francisco and Portland, the Arcata/Eureka airport is located in the town of McKinleyville, just fifteen miles north of Eureka.  This commercial use airport operates two runways, one 4,499 foot and another 6,000 foot asphalt runway.  Covering 745 acres, Arcata/Eureka airport is also home to the United States Coast Guard Air Station Humboldt Bay. 

Rohnerville Airport

Rohnerville Airport is located just three miles southeast from downtown Fortuna.  The airport occupies 541 acres and has one 4,005 feet asphalt runway.  It is owned by the County for public-use.

Kneeland Airport

Located on a mountain ridge line 2,700 feet above sea level, the Kneeland Airport offers access to mountainous and forest locations.  The airport sits on 14 acres and features a 2,270 foot asphalt runway.  In addition it is co-located with a California Department of Forestry Helitack Station.


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