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February 2013 

Issue No. 14


Ferndale is one of those towns that looks like it was built just for them movies; Charming and picture perfect, Ferndale is no stranger to the big screen.  Take a look at the pictures below and see what you think!




Cassandra Hesseltine 

Del Norte and Humboldt County's  

Film Commissioner















The village of Ferndale is located just south of the city of Eureka. Featuring beautiful and historic Victorian architecture and small town charm, Ferndale is a perfect location for filming.


 Feature films that have included scenes shot in the village are The Majestic, Outbreak, and Salem's Lot. Ferndale has also been used by the Star Trek franchise. 


Victorian Architecture






















Called "the best preserved Victorian village in California" by the Los Angeles Times, Ferndale boasts beautifully preserved Victorian architecture; Main Street is lined with shops, hotels, and a theatre, while the rest of town features historic private homes. The entire town is in fact a California Historical Landmark.






Humboldt County Fairgrounds


The Humboldt County fairgrounds are located in Ferndale. These fairgrounds host the annual Humboldt County Fair, which will be held August 14-25th this year. The festivities include carnival rides, livestock, entertainment, and horseracing. The fair brings in millions of dollars of revenue for the Humboldt County area. The fairgrounds feature many facilities, including a half-mile racetrack, covered arena, dairy barn, permanent stalls, and a grandstand. The fairgrounds are a perfect location for covered sets. The area was used during production of The Majestic. 


Kinetic Sculpture Race


A staple in Humboldt County, the Kinetic Sculpture Race, has its finish line in Ferndale. This race takes place over 3 days in the summer, along a 42 mile bike track over both land and sea. The race begins to the north in Arcata and ends in Ferndale. Teams build vehicles out of whatever they can find. There are some requirements though; the vehicle has to be completely human-operated and, due to the portion of the race across Humboldt Bay, must float. Participants go all out with their creations, it is not uncommon to see a giant beetle made fro recycled car parts being pedaled down Highway 101. 



Permits can be obtained through the City Manager's office. Prices vary based on the production.


Past Film Experience:


As mentioned, Ferndale has played host to many film productions over the years. Such films include The Majestic, Outbreak, and the Star Trek franchise. 



The Majestic trailer
The Majestic trailer



















Majestic used Main Street Ferndale and several storefronts during production of the 2001 film.



Outbreak - Trailer
Outbreak - Trailer


















Ferndale Theatre was featured as ground zero of a pandemic in Outbreak.









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