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December 2012 

Issue No. 12

Crescent City


Crescent City is located along the coast and is the largest community in Del Norte County.   Predominately a harbor town, Crescent City is known for it's coastline and it's neighboring Redwoods, Jedidiah Smith Redwood State Park. 


Crescent City can have many looks depending on your needs and is very film friendly!   If you want to know more about any of the locations featured in this newsletter, give us a call!



Cassandra Hesseltine 

Del Norte and Humboldt County's  

Film Commissioner



Crescent City and it's Harbor


aerial of crescent cityNamed for the crescent-shaped stretch of sandy beach south of the city, Crescent City had a total population of 7,600.  The city is located on the Pacific coast in the upper northwestern part of California, about 20 miles (32 km) from the Oregon border. 
Due to its particular susceptibility to natural disasters, Crescent City has undergone a massive project to make its port 'tsunami resistant.' Along with a quick and efficient evacuation plan, Crescent City is now very well prepared for any potential natural occurrences.      


Smith River diving Jedediah Smith Redwoods State ParkRedwoods 
Jedediah Smith
 Redwoods State Park, which is predominately old growth coast redwoods is bisected by the last major free flowing river in California, the Smith River.  The park has about 20 miles of hiking and nature trails, and river access.  To obtain film permits for the park contact headquarters, which are located in Crescent City, (707) 465-7307. 


Battery Point  Lighthouse 

Located at the north end of the harbor entrance to Crescent City, the lighthouse makes a picturesque setting.  Tim McGraw's music video for his song Not a Moment Too Soon was filmed at this historic lighthouse. (Video below at end of newsletter)

Battery Point Light house


Ocean World

Ocean World is located right off Highway 101 in Crescent City  and is privately owned.  Originally Ocean World was located in the small boat basin. It was a barge that was built in Seattle as an aquarium and floated down to Crescent City and rested in the harbor.  In 1985 the barge was moved to dry land and took on a new life as the aquarium it is now.  



The aquarium consists of tanks holding over half a million gallons and an abundance of sea life, including sharks, seals, sea lions, rays and wolf eels. Attractions include shark petting, interactive tide pool, and a highflying sea lion performance.



Rumiano Cheese Factory 



Started on a small dairy farm in 1919, Rumiano Cheese Company is the oldest family-owned cheese company in California.


Palmer Westbrook Ranch




This family owned ranch and farm produces Easter Lily Bulbs, Jersey dairy cattle, & beef cattle and also has  scenic old stands of Redwood trees, fields, streams, & barns on it's property.


Film Experience: E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial movie was partially filmed on this ranch.



Crescent City RV Park

Need an RV Park on the beach?  Crescent City has one!  The city owned park sits right on beach front property.  Has an apartment on site that is available for filming as well as a parking lot with bathrooms next door to the location.


Surfing and Beaches

The North Coast is a favorite spot for surfers, and Crescent City is one of California's best kept secrets.  With consistent swells and sparsely populated beaches, Crescent City is ideal for surf and beach shoots.  Favorite spots in the area include Kellogg Beach, Point St. George, Garth's Reef, Whaler Beach, South Beach, and Enderts Beach.  These beaches have abundant wildlife as well.


Pebble Beach Drive

 pebble beach drive

This special residential street runs along the coast, with amazing views of the Pacific as well as some spectacular homes. 



Del Norte has many different types of homes.  One of our favorites is this Cape Cod Cottage look a like.








Permits are run through the Crescent City Chamber of Commerce, (707) 464-3174.  City permits are FREE!  And are usually turned around very quickly.


Previous Filming Experience
Crescent City, usually used for it's accommodations and restaurants, has been under utlilized as a location to film at.  Car commercials and Tim McGraw's music video,  Not a Moment Too Soon, are among the few projects that have taken up the opportunity to film with in Crescent City's city limits.


Tim McGraw - Not A Moment Too Soon(official music video)
Tim McGraw - Not A Moment Too Soon(official music video)


Video Location:  Batter Point Lighthouse


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