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November 2012 

Issue No. 11



Del Norte and Humboldt Counties are made up of some amazing Redwood Parks, Roads and Beaches.  But did you know we also have film friendly cities and towns as well?  For the next few newsletters, we will dedicate an issue to each notable city or town that just might fit your filming needs.

This month's issue focuses on Arcata in Humboldt County.  Arcata is best known as a college town and has many gems for the big screen.



Cassandra Hesseltine 

Del Norte and Humboldt County's  

Film Commissioner




Arcata is a small town that sits on Humboldt Bay and has approximately a population of 17,000.  Half of which are more likely students that attend Humboldt State University, giving Arcata a student town feel. Arcata also features a large number of original Victorian structures, many of which have been restored. 
(Photo courtesy of Location Scout Patti Stammer)

Arcata is located within miles of the famous California Redwoods.  The nearby Arcata Forest is a great location, with road access to the beautiful Redwoods.
Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary 
       (Discovery shoot Reign of Dinosaurs used this location.)

The Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary spans over 307 acres and includes freshwater and saltwater marshes, tidal sloughs, grassy uplands, mudflats, and brackish marsh.  A five mile walking and biking path runs through the Sanctuary.
  The Sanctuary is located at the north end of Humboldt Bay, and is directly in the path of a major migratory route for thousands of birds that live and breed in Northern California.   


The Plaza

The heart of Arcata is the Plaza. The Plaza has a green lawn, extensive flower plantings, and at its center a statue of President McKinley. The Plaza is surrounded by stores, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and live music venues. The Plaza is also the center of Humboldt County's largest farmer's market (April through November), and serves as a major venue for local Fourth of July festivities, the Arcata Main Street Oyster Festival, the start of the Kinetic Sculpture Race, and the North Country Fair. The Plaza is also a popular rendezvous point for travelers who stop off in Arcata.  Arcata's Minor Theater  (located two blocks off the plaza) is one of the oldest movies-only theaters in the United States which is still in operation.


Baseball fields 

Home to the Humboldt Crabs, a collegiate summer baseball team, the Arcata Ball Park is located just a block from the Arcata Plaza.   Located minutes off of the US Highway 101, the park is easily accessible and in a prime location in the heart of the city.  The Arcata Ball Park is a great location for filming.   


Humboldt State University  
Humboldt State University is the northernmost university in the California State University system.  It also remains one of the smallest campuses within the system, with a student population of around 8,000.  Located within Arcata, the campus has views of Humboldt Bay and the Pacific.  Nestled within the Redwoods, the campus has a remote and tranquil feel.  The Humboldt Film Festival, which is one of the oldest student-run film festivals in the world, takes place on campus annually.  The school also boasts a very active student body, being well known for environmental awareness and activism.  The school competes in Division II NCAA athletics and has sports facilities for football, soccer, softball, and a newly completed aquatic center on Humboldt Bay.


Permits are run through the City of Arcata, Recreation Division, 707-822-7091  .  There is a one-time application fee of $150 with no added costs for filming per day! 
Previous Filming Experience
Arcata has mostly been used for commercials and independent films like "Flea" and "Humboldt County, the movie."  It also was featured in the classices Valley of the Redwoods and Valley of the Giants.







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