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Redwood Region Entertainment and Education Liaisons, Inc.

October 2012 

Issue No. 10

Roads in the Redwoods


Del Norte and Humboldt County roads are often home to stunning car commercials in the old growth Redwoods.

Check out below some of our most popular locations that are film friendly!  

All photos in this issue were submitted by Patti Stammer of Scout Humboldt.



Cassandra Hesseltine 

Del Norte and Humboldt County's  

Film Commissioner




Del Norte
Howland Hill



Mattole Road


Avenue of the Giants


Sequoia Park



Arcata Forest


Prairie Creek


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Howland Hill is a 15 mile long dirt road located within State Park jurisdiction.

Mattole Road (the portion that runs through the State Park) is one to two lanes, with no dividing line.  It is within State Park jurisdiction.

Avenue of the Giants is a gorgeous stretch of road leading through the famous California Redwoods.  It is paved and lined.  It is within State Park jurisdiction.

This road through Sequoia Park is a paved, one lane road with no lines.  This road requires a City Permit with no fees.

The Arcata Forest road is a single lane dirt road.  The City Permit has a low application cost and no daily fees!

Prairie Creek has both paved and dirt roads, within both State and National Park jurisdictions.


Check out our new websites for filmDELNORTE and filmHUMBOLDT!  We are excited to show
off our majestic redwoods, unique beaches, and charming towns.  Of course, we are continuing to update our photo gallery so check back with us or contact us if you don't see something you think we might have.