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Redwood Region Entertainment and Education Liaisons, Inc.

August 2012 

Issue No. 8



Though we are best known for our old growth Redwoods, beautiful coastline, and amazing rivers, we wanted to let you know about some unique features you might not know about in our neck of the woods.  We have featured three attraction type locations that would be perfect for a movie, tv show or your next commercial.



Cassandra Hesseltine 

Del Norte and Humboldt County's  

Film Commissioner




Del Norte
Ocean World
304 Highway 101 South 
Crescent City, CA 95531
Trees of Mystery 
 15500 US Highway 101 N.
 Klamath, Ca. 95548




Confusion Hill

75001 N. Hwy. 101

Piercy, Ca. 95587


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Originally the Under Sea Gardens, Ocean World has become a great attraction for all those visiting Crescent
City and the North Coast. Featuring exhibits including a touch and feel tidepool, aquarium, and even a shark petting encounter, Ocean World appeals to all. With the addition of a seal and sea lion show, Ocean World has become a top destination in Del Norte.


Located just off of US Highway 101, Ocean World is easily accessible with a big parking lot  to stage crew.

Trees of Mystery, just north of the town of Klamath on US Highway 101, is home to the beautiful and majestic Redwoods. Take a Skytrail ride through the forests, soaring 571 feet above the ground, the gondola provides spectacular views of the Redwood groves, surrounding terrain, and even the Pacific. Specific sights within the Trees of Mystery include the magnificent Brotherhood Tree, which stands at a towering 297 feet tall, with a diameter of 19 feet, and the Cathedral Tree, which is in fact nine separate trees that grew from the same mother stump to form a perfect circle. During the summer months, a 49 foot tall Paul Bunyan and his trusty ox Babe say hello to visitors to the Trees of Mystery. 


It also has a large parking lot and has already accommodated the needs of several shoots at this film friendly location.














Campbell Brothers' Confusion Hill is located along US Highway 101, south of the town of Piercy. Originally founded in 1949, Confusion Hill is now listed as a California State Point of Historical Interest. Attractions at Confusion Hill include the Gravity House, which has left many a visitor flummoxed at the apparent change in gravity inside the building. Although one does not float like one would in outer space, visitors report an odd sensation pulling them downhill while inside the house. Other attractions at Confusion Hill include a Mountain Train Ride, which travels along 1 1/4 mile of 20 gauge track and provides excellent views of the surrounding Redwood forest.


Other staples at Confusion Hill is the largest freestanding Redwood Chainsaw Carving in the world, the totem pole towers 40 feet, and the Redwood Shoehouse, which was a float in a parade in 1947.




Check out our new websites for filmDELNORTE and filmHUMBOLDT!  We are excited to show
off our majestic redwoods, unique beaches, and charming towns.  Of course, we are continuing to update our photo gallery so check back with us or contact us if you don't see something you think we might have.