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Eating Disorder Treatment
Kesha enters treatment for eating disorder
Kesha is currently receivingtreatment at Timberline Knolls near Chicago, the same place that Demi Lovato stayed when she sought help for an eating disorder, alcohol, drugs, and cutting.. Read More
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Medical Profession
Doctor who ran Oxycontin pill mill gets 4 years in prison 
Four of Clemmer's patients died of overdoses: Ryan Lujan, 23, Derek Mefford, 28, and Daryl Mattox, 41. Although Clemmer was not charged or implicated in the deaths of the men, Lujan, died of oxycodone toxicity the day after the doctor prescribed him medications. Read More
Tom Hardy: 'Waking in a pool of blood made me go to rehab'
"If I had four pints of lager and half a bottle of vodka, I could turn this room into an absolute f**king nightmare in about three minutes. I could destroy everything in my life I have worked so hard for."  Read More
Jersey Housewives
Ocean County: Heroin Capital of New Jersey 
What does Ocean County have in common with Essex County?   You might think very little, considering Ocean County consists of rural bedroom communities and Essex County is home to urbanized cities such as Newark and East Orange. Read More
Substance Abuse/Mental Disorders
Alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse higher in people with psychotic disorders
The study also studied over 10,000 healthy people without mental illness and assessed the incidence of nicotine use, alcohol intake, and use of drugs in this population. Read More

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/12/08/4531520/talk-to-your-tween-about-substance.html#storylink=cpRead More
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Law Enforcement
DUI Arrests Up This Year In LA County
Not drinking and driving is the socially and morally responsible thing to do but it's also financially prudent. A first offense arrest and conviction for DUI in California will cost you an estimated $12,000 in fees and fines, not to mention license suspension for at least a year and escalated insurance rates. Read More
5th Experience Strength & Hope Award, Feb. 13.
Reality Imitates Art
"Breaking Bad" Contest Winner Arrested in Major Florida Drug Bust
Ryan Lee Carroll, who won tickets to view the AMC show's series finale last September with the cast, including Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, has been busted in Florida for running an elaborate drug distribution operation in which he allegedly created and sold synthetic marijuana known as "Spice" from his home in Fort Myers. Read More
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My Interview with an Anonymous Pastor and Recovering Alcoholic 
At AA meetings and therapy sessions, talking about addiction makes sense, but for some reason, it's not a topic most church people want to hear about. Certain addictions are definitely more socially acceptable to talk about than others. For example, it's OK to bug Frank about his smoking, but John's alcoholism is more hush-hush. Read More
Parents seek support for children's addiction issues
Mom knew her teenage son well enough to know something was wrong, but the clues didn't add up.  His responsible, caring demeanor had turned moody and at times argumentative. Read More
Matt Cardle 'in rehab after becoming addicted to prescription drugs'
The 30-year-old entered The Priory clinic yesterday for a 28-day programme to tackle a dependency on temazepam and Valium, according to The Sun. In order to calm himself down he started taking Valium and then temazapam, but things got so bad that he couldn't get up without taking the pills.' Read More
Addict Behavior
Cocaine users turn themselves in
Customers who ordered cocaine via text message from two recently-busted suppliers are turning themselves in rather than waiting for Police to bring them in for questioning. The cops say that they have the names of around 200 people who had coke or ecstasy delivered to them via the 'white messengers'. Read More
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Experience, Strength and Hope Award 
5th Annual Experience, Strength and Hope Award show.
Thursday, February 13, 2014
Skirball Cultural Center
Los Angeles, CA
Honoring Carrie White
Headliner Alonzo Bodden
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Alcoholics NonAnonymous
Getting real, I haven't been all that anonymous. I've hinted at my program of choice, I've referred to my "recovery meetings," I've written anonymously on other sites about my experience in 12-step programs, but I've adhered to the letter of the law by never coming right out and saying "I, Emily, McCombs, am a member of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous." Until now. Read More
Addiction: From genes to drugs
Addictions are brain illnesses. Like other mental illnesses-schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder, for example-addiction is a biopsychosocial disorder. But since addicts' antisocial behavior often alienates others, they are more stigmatized than victims of other illnesses. Read More
Back in The Game...of Life
After 5-game absence to undergo treatment, 49ers LB Aldon Smith thankful for fresh start
Smith took a five-game leave of absence from the 49ers to undergo treatment for substance abuse earlier this season. He is encouraged by the strides he has made to better himself off the football field that put life in perspective. Just getting the chance to be back in the playoffs is something Smith cherishes right now, along with all the support he has received in the locker room that helped immensely with his comeback. Read More
Alcoholism and Youth
Alcohol Consumption causes Damage to DNA of Young Adults
According to a new research published in the journal Alcohol, levels of alcohol consumption causes damage to DNA. Many college students have the habit of celebrating weekend and that includes having a drink or two.
Another test called the 'comet test' was also performed by the researchers to test for the consumption of alcohol on the DNA. They found that faulty cells cause more damage to the DNA and forms a 'halo' in the electrophoresis called the 'comet tail'. Read More
New drug raises hope for cure of alcoholism
TA new drug to treat alcoholism which went for sale in Japan earlier this year can improve the chances of addicts quitting drinking, doctors say. Read More 
Book Recommendation
Buddhism and the 12 Steps
I've very excited to announce that my Buddhism & The Twelve Steps Workbook is now available. The book introduces the fundamentals of mindfulness and recovery, then takes you through the 12 Steps with many of the exercises, contemplations, and meditations that I've developed over the past decade of teaching Dharma and Recovery. Read More
Legal Action
New York State Is Set to Loosen Marijuana Laws
The governor's action also comes as advocates for changing drug laws have stepped up criticism of New York City's stringent enforcement of marijuana laws, which resulted in nearly 450,000 misdemeanor charges from 2002 to 2012, according to the Drug Policy Alliance, which advocates more humane drug laws. Read More
Brain Chemistry
Reading novels increases brain function for days
Lead author and the director of Emory's Center for Neuropolicy, Gregory Berns ' study focused on the lingering neural effects of reading a narrative. 
The results showed heightened connectivity in the left temporal cortex, an area of the brain associated with receptivity for language, on the mornings following the reading assignments. Read More
Health Care
True Blood's Joe Manganiello recalls his history of substance abuse and homelessness 
A private hospital has failed to report an incident where 17 pellets of cocaine were surgically removed from the abdomen of a man who had swallowed them and fallen ill.
Sources claimed instructions were given by the surgeon to the medical staff to not take any pictures of the pellets and to package them in a re-sealable storage bag. The illegal drug was handed back to the man.  Read More
Drugs companies withhold results of medical trials' from doctors, researchers and patients
Warning that doctors and patients are being "undermined" in their ability to make informed decisions on treatment, the committee called on the Government to act to ensure that the results of all clinical trials of every medicine currently being prescribed are made available.  Read More
That '70s Show' actress Lisa Robin Kelly's death ruled an accidental overdose
The Los Angeles County Coroner said Kelly, 43, died from multiple drug intoxication on Aug. 15  - and that she consumed the substances orally - while reportedly staying at the Pax House Rehab Center in Altadena, Calif. Read More
A dry January could be a sign of a drink problem 
The idea of a "sober January" has been around for as long as man has cursed his in-laws at Christmas. And while a month off the booze sounds like a seductive way to make up for all that hard-drinking festive excess, it's actually a terrible idea, rooted in guilt rather than science. And for some people who actually have a real problem with alcohol, successfully completing a "sober January" can give the dangerous illusion that they don't have a problem. Read More
Making A Difference
 6th Annual                                     It Happens to 
Boys Conference    with Jerry Moe-John Lee-Patrick Carns-Judy Crane-Allen Berger
February 28, March 1, 2014
 Pasadena Hilton Read More
Extra Innings
Colorado Rockiesowner, pleads guilty to DUI
Outside the courtroom, Monfort told reporters that he was "deeply remorseful" for the whole incident and added that "everyday is a battle" with a "disorder" like alcohol abuse.
Colorado Rockies co-owner Charlie Monfort on Friday morning pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol, and he was immediately sentenced to 24 months of supervised probation as well as multiple sobriety monitoring programs. Read More