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FDA In The News
Powerful new painkiller Zohydro stirs fears of overdose, addiction
Going against the recommendation of its own panel of outside advisers, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has approved a powerful, pure hydrocodone painkiller.
 Opioid pain pills designed to release a drug over time, such as Zohydro, are often crushed and snorted by addicts seeking a stronger, immediate high. Read More
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In The News
Daughter of NYC Mayor-Elect reveals substance abuse 
The 19-year-old daughter of New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio is opening up about her history battling substance abuse and depression in a video released to Youtube. See Video
Pain Killer Explosion
Who fueled the opioid explosion?
Pharmaceutical and medical organizations might be responsible for the dual public health crisis - painkiller and heroin addiction
Pharmaceutical companies linked to medical organizations that advocated better ways to treat pain worked hard - and spent heavily - to pave the way for prescription painkillers' broader use.  Read More
Going To Any Lengths
Police find cocaine bag tied to man's penis
IUpon exiting the vehicle, Grantham said officers performed a pat down and felt an unidentifiable object between Williams' legs.
The unidentifiable object was approximately 27.9 grams of cocaine tied to his private parts. Read More
Treatment Options
Substance-Abuse Treatment Tough to Find for Medicaid Patients
THURSDAY, Dec. 26, 2013 -Compared to elsewhere in the country, there are far fewer outpatient facilities in the U.S. South and Midwest that are able to help people on Medicaid who are battling alcohol or drug abuse, a new study findsRead More

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/12/08/4531520/talk-to-your-tween-about-substance.html#storylink=cpRead More
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Pharmaceutical News
Silencing synapses: Hope for a pharmacological solution to cocaine addiction 
Imagine kicking a cocaine addiction by simply popping a pill that alters the way your brain processes chemical addiction. Read More
Cocaine and Family Of Origin
Cocaine exposure in the womb: Brain structure intact but development is off track
Thus, for the first time in children we see how mothers' in-utero cocaine use may translate to brain changes in the offspring that impact cognition, mood and health of the affected offspring later in life. Read More
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One Unforgettable Christmas Gift About Sobriety 
Sobriety lasts. At least, it should last. Some things are temporal. They fade, rust, wither, and are no more. But when you give yourself the gift of sobriety, it will last for the rest of your life.  Read More
Court Room Drama
Inside the luxury $450k per year rehab center that 'affluenza' teen will attend as punishment for killing four in DUI
The rehab center that Ethan Couch, the Texan teenager who killed four in a DUI offense earlier this year, will attend is in fact a luxury resort where patients get to spend their time horse riding and having massages.  Read More
Freedom from Alcoholism
The demon drink
With the wine and beer flowing and plenty of opportunities for a party, many of us tend to over-indulge at the festive season.

However, three alcoholics who have lost years of their lives to drink this week warned youngsters of the dangers. Read More

Justice Served
Obama rights cocaine law disparity
Thank you, Mr. President, for commuting the sentences last week of eight people who were imprisoned under a law that tilted the scales of justice way out of balance. Read More
Art And Recovery
Taos poet celebrates sobriety 
Lyla Johnston wants to communicate with a celebration she is planning called "High on the Gift: Young Artists Unite to Celebrate Giving and One Year of Sobriety. Read More

Student, 20, died of suspected ecstasy overdose after collapsing
College student Shamilia Seetal is believed to have taken ecstasy while out in Bedford town centre on Friday night with her boyfriend Kane Lilleyman, 22, and friends. Read More
PTSD šUpdate
Evidence Suggests Smoking Pot Might Help Veterans with PTSD
According to NPR's Jon Hamilton, it wasn't until 2002, when German scientists published a study that showed that mice produce chemicals in their brains called cannabinoids to modulate fear, that things really got rolling. Read More
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Experience, Strength and Hope Award 
5th Annual Experience, Strength and Hope Award show.
Thursday, February 13, 2014
Skirball Cultural Center
Los Angeles, CA
Honoring Carrie White
Headliner Alonzo Bodden
Celebrity News
Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller dealing with substance abuse issues
Brooke is currently in the Betty Ford Center receiving treatment for her substance abuse issues. Denise Richards is the equivalent of a lightning rod in that she is the recipient of all the craziness that comes with having children and becoming family with individuals dealing with substance abuse problems. Read More
Stigma Reinforcement
Simon Cowell Disses Demi Lovato Following Rehab Stay
On the star's final episode appearing on Simon Cowell's X Factor as judge, Lovato was treated to quite an unpleasant shock instead of a sentimental, respectful send off that she was expecting. Read More
Crime Video
Woman Demands Drugs, Robs Walgreens?
She threatened the pharmacist by implying she had a gun and demanded the painkiller Oxycontin. See Video
Medications do not Heal Alcoholism
The cause of any addiction is fear, not knowing how to love yourself, and running from reality by using a substance or behavior to distract yourself from reality. You remain an emotional child without living tools. Therefore, alcohol can easily cause addiction as a way not to feel. Read More
5th Experience Strength & Hope Award, Feb. 13.
Joe Manganiello opens up about alcoholism and depression
The alcohol was not my problem. The alcohol was my solution to the way that I'd felt my whole life. My problem was me. My problem was reality. Read More 
Rehab centre a refuge for addicts
The centre has 74 beds but does not have enough staff to deal with the high occupancy rate. The centre can accommodate up to 108 inpatients, he said. About 25-30 outpatients visit the centre daily, who include new and follow-up cases. Read More
Man turns life around after stint in rehab
Chappell, 23, of Portage, has kicked a long drug habit that he supported by breaking into nearly every business in the Portage area. Read More
Addiction Medicine
Silencing Synapses to Deal with Addictions
Imagine kicking a cocaine addiction by simply popping a pill that alters the way your brain processes chemical addiction. New research from the University of Pittsburgh suggests that a method of biologically manipulating certain neurocircuits could lead to a pharmacological approach that would weaken post-withdrawal cocaine cravings. Read More
True Blood's Joe Manganiello recalls his history of substance abuse and homelessness 
The True Blood star was able to balance a lifestyle of heavy drinking and high academic as well as athletic achievement.
The drinking and drug use escalated, to the detriment of his career.  Read More
Alligators Replace Pitbulls As Number One Pet For Drug Dealers
Pet alligators guarding drugs include two five-foot alligators protecting 15 marijuana plants at an Olympia, WA home, as well as a five-foot caiman named "Mr. Teeth" guarding 34 pounds of marijuana last January in Castro Valley, CA.  Read More
Not In California 
NM man accused of driving drunk for the 11th time
SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) - Authorities in New Mexico say a man is in custody for allegedly driving while intoxicated for the 11th time. Read More
Celebrity Celebrates
Zac Efron Wears His Sobriety Chip At A Lakers Game! 
After battling with drug and alcohol addiction, Zac Efron has been doing his best to stay clean, and it looks like he hit quite the milestone as he's been sober for 6 months!!. Read More
Making A Difference
 6th Annual                                     It Happens to 
Boys Conference    with Jerry Moe-John Lee-Patrick Carns-Judy Crane-Allen Berger
February 28, March 1, 2014
 Pasadena Hilton Read More
Media Recommendation
Mad Dance films have been featured worldwide 
Mad Dance is a new trilogy of provocative and beautiful short films that re-envision the way we think, speak and feel about mental distress and wellness in today's chaotic world.  Read More
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