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Play highlights AA founders' relationship
Through an astonishing series of events, Bill W. and Dr. Bob meet and form a relationship, each helping the other to keep the other sober. It is an amazing and often humorous story of the two men who pioneered Alcoholics Anonymous. Read More
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Legal System
Nearly all drug defendants "forced" to plead guilty
Drug defendants - often caught for minor offenses - are "forced" to plead guilty when prosecutors present the risk of years in prison as the alternative. Read More
How the NFL Substance Abuse Policy Works
This is where it gets tricky, once you test positively for any of the above substances, it's game over effective immediately. That player needs to be basically ready to pee in any cup, any time, anywhere as mandated by the NFL's medical officers. Read More
Student is 3rd rave drug fatality in San Bernardino since 2006  
Christopher Cochon, 22, or "Achri" as he was known to his family and friends, was at least the 16th person nationwide to die of drug-related causes in that time after attending raves produced by Insomniac or Go Ventures Inc.. Read More
Substance Abuse Grows Among Med Trainees 
Other specialties do an even worse job of tracking substance use problems, making it difficult to tell whether drug abuse is "of special concern to anesthesiologists or is merely representative of the larger physician issue. Read More

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Cross Addiction
I ran out of cocaine so I tried heroin: Robbie Williams 
Williams quit his drinking habit 13 years ago, but he has since been to rehab for the legal pill habits. Read More
Denial Diary
Yes, you can overdose on caffeine
It's caffeine poisoning, kind of like food poisoning, and there are ways to tell that you've got it. According to the National Institutes of Health, some symptoms. Read More
Please check out...Brody from Homeland wish he had this)
Government News
Contra-Cocaine Was a Real Conspiracy 
Nicaraguan cocaine supplier, Oscar Danilo Blandon, who had ties to the Contras who, in turn, had ties to the CIA.       Read More
Family Of Origin
Alcohol and young women: "But I just want my daughter to be popular" 
I asked her if she wanted her daughter to drink alcohol at 15 years - did she feel comfortable with it?          Read More
Bill W.
All 72 images in The Bill W. Collection are available on a to Lease-to-Buy basis. You may lease any of the photographs from 90 ninety days up to a year for your home, office, recovery clubhouse or treatment center. Read More 
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Bill W. tells the story of William G. Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, a man included in TIME Magazine's "100 Persons of the 20th Century."
Brandon Browner faces 1-year suspension for substance-abuse violation
After a flurry of conflicting reports, news emerged Monday night that Seattle cornerback Brandon Browner could be gone for a year after a reported substance abuse violation. Read More
Amanda Bynes Prepares for Rehab Departure
It was reported that crisis manger Hunter Frederick was hired to help manage the media fallout immediately after Bynes' arrest. The source goes into detail about about how Frederick and his firm, Frederick & Associates, twisted the arm of Hollywood media in order to secure Amanda's extended stay in the hospital. Read More
Kirstie Alley on cocaine use: 'I was crazy'
Kirstie Alley's first encounter with cocaine left her thinking, "Oh my god! I'm gonna do this every day for the rest of my life!".  Read More
Mike Tyson on Ditching Club Life and Getting Sober
Rolling Stone recently spoke with Tyson about his new book, anger and therapy, giving up the club life, and much more. He describes the deaths of his mother, father, sister, several friends, and trainer and mentor Cus D'Amato, all before he turns 29. Read More
Using writing as a weapon
Wilson's book draws from his own experiences with addiction. He spent nearly 20 years hooked primarily on alcohol and marijuana, beginning when he was 15 years old. Read More
5th Experience Strength & Hope Award, Feb. 13.

Prison Industry
State Police: inmate deaths appear to be drug related
State Police said it appears the two men died as a result of a drug overdose. But they said the investigation is ongoingRead More
SALON: a brief history of cocaine
Both the Pope and France's chief rabbi endorsed Vin Mariani, a concoction of Bordeaux and cocaine. It sold well. Read More
A Crying Shame
AA advocate dies after suspected drunk driver hits his car
The 59-year-old man killed in a suspected drunk driving crash had dedicated three decades of his life to helping people get sober through Alcoholics Anonymous says his wife. Read More
Holidays Are the Best Time to Stage an Addiction Intervention
According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, 52 percent of Christmas Day traffic fatalities are alcohol-related, and 57 percent of New Year's Eve and New Year's Day traffic fatalities are alcohol-related. Read More
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