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REEL Recovery Film Festival - LOS ANGELES

Oct.18 - 24th, 2013
Monica 4-plex
1332 2nd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401
What it's like to... deal drugs to the stars
But his own heroin addiction pushed him out of the inner circle and onto the streets for a decade. Read More
Long-running play about recovery will see bright lights of NYC
"Visions" has reached 40,000 viewers in nine states with practically no funding and mainly the grit and determination of creator Bob L. and a legion of volunteers (the actors in the play remain anonymous, and most are in recovery). Read More
In The News
Native American culture foster new way to sobriety
...An alternative to the 12-step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, which he said do not resonate with many Indian people. Read More
Oy Vey
Israel's significance in global drug trade grows
Israel has reportedly become a "major hub" in the international cocaine trade - with abuse of the substance increasingly on the rise, especially among white-collar Israelis. Read More
Seven Years Ago: Keith Urban Checks Into Betty Ford Center
Admittance came at what may have seemed the most unlikely of times - only four months after his wedding to movie star Nicole Kidman, and just as his 'Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing' album was released. Read More
California Doctor Sold Drugs at Starbucks
Dr. Alvin Ming-Czech Yee was caught on undercover surveillance video meeting with patients at Starbucks, Carl's Jr. and Denny's locations, selling powerful drugs like OxyContin and Xanax. Read More
Brazilian tribe plagued by alcoholism and depression after losing its ancestral land
Rosalino Ortiz, a Guarani man, told the not-for-profit organisation: 'The Guarani are committing suicide because we have no land.  We don't have space any more. In the old days, we were free; now we are no longer free. Read More
Please check out...
Colin Farrell Talks Drinking, Drugs and Rehab
"I'd gotten out of control-for years I could indulge in certain things," he confessed, noting he would drink and do "whatever powder" he could get at home. Read More
Rehab News
Neighbors Fight Drug Rehab In Juno Beach
People are fighting a drug rehab center in Juno Beach.  They say what's happening here can happen in your neighborhood. See Video
Addiction  VIDEO
Oreos Are as Addictive as Cocaine
Much like humans, rats also start with the creamy center, rather than the cookies, the study also found. See Video
With Addiction, Breaking A Habit Means Resisting A Reflex
The pull of addiction can come from many directions: from food to alcohol to the Internet. So what connects those dependencies? Read More
Painkiller Overdose Deaths Strike New York City's Middle Class
Are people first prescribed these drugs, and then start using them recreationally? Or do they become addicted while using them as prescribed? ". Read More 
Beauty Addiction: Could Mani-Pedi Anonymous Be Next?
Let's also remember that any activity that provides a quick fix can be uniquely appealing and lead to wanting moreRead More
Science and Healing
When you sleep, your brain undergoes a mop-up process that removes waste products linked to Alzheimer's and dementia.  Read More
REEL Recovery Film Festival Showcases Stories Of Addiction, Recovery
This year's festival features a screening of "Paul Williams Still Alive," a charming, poignant, and funny documentary about a truly gifted artist for whom the end of fame was not the end of him, thanks to his 12-step lifestyle.  Read More
Getting to know Mark Pirtle and Skillfully Aware
Mark is a faculty member for the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona where he teaches pain science, orthopedics, and manual therapy. Dr. Pirtle serves as Miraval Resort's "Stress-Illness Specialist," where he delivers a bi-weekly lecture, "Skillfully Aware: Tools for Transformation." See Video
Counting my drinks
l so hard my breath was knocked out of me. But I just think, "It's OK. It's OK. I'm OK."  And it's hard to scramble and get myself upright when I'm this drunk and my heels are this high. Read More
Bill W.
All 72 images in The Bill W. Collection are available on a to Lease-to-Buy basis. You may lease any of the photographs from 90 ninety days up to a year for your home, office, recovery clubhouse or treatment center. Read More
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