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WIT gets treatment for individuals who suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction or other self-destructive behaviors.
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Chasing the Muse...Stone 
Cold Sober 
Writers Guild of America, East, Hazelden Foundation and Writers In Treatment presents: 
Lawrence Block
David Carr
Malachy McCourt
Susan Cheever
Michael Winship
Showtime: October 1, 2013 - 7:30pm
In The News
Moby: I look sad naked
Moby says Los Angeles is a good place to attend Alcoholics Anonymous as you meet so many interesting people. Read More
Afghan rehab centers aim to get women, children - and even Taliban - off of opium
Afghanistan produces 90 percent of the world's raw opium, and drug addiction is widespread, even among women and children. But a unique drug rehabilitation center in this conservative Muslim town is trying to tackle the problem. Read More
Use of 'hillbilly heroin' rising
The market is being fuelled by the ready availability of the drug, with police saying dealers - some legitimate pain sufferers - are "doctor shopping" for prescriptions. Read More
Scots are drinking 'hazardous' levels of booze
The Official figures show 25% of men consumed on average more than 21 units of alcohol per week, while 18% of women drank more than 14 units. Read More
How cocaine takes the brakes off the brain
Luscher said the mice data suggest this loss of a braking system is a cause of addictive behavior. He is pursuing the theory using deep brain stimulation in mice, a method he believes could easily be used therapeutically on humans. Read More
When You Thought It Couldn't Any Worse
Flesh-rotting 'krokodil' drug emerges in USA 
The average life expectancy among krokodil addicts in Russia is two to three years, according to Time, which called the narcotic "the most horrible drug in the world." Read More
REEL Recovery Film Festival - NEW YORK

Sept. 27-Oct 3, 2013
Quad Cinema
34 W. 13th St. 10011
Forget that rebuilt cocaine nose. Danniella Westbrook's new life is her most startling reinvention yet
I think it's fair to say that following 14 years of drug addiction and four overdoses, cocaine has left its mark on her appearance. Read More
Dr. Drew Pinsky reveals he had prostate cancer surgery: 'I'm cancer-free'
The former "Celebrity Rehab" doctor only told a small circle of friends and colleagues about the surgery, and returned to work after only 10 days. Read More
Good News
ObamaCare- Mental-health and substance-abuse treatment will be covered
Once dismissed as a result of weak will, substance-use disorders will be on par with other chronic illnesses such as diabetes. Addiction care will be part of each marketplace plan as one of the essential benefits. Read More
13 Celebs Who've Bounced Back After Rehab
Zac Efron is not the first star to pick their career back up post-rehab. He can take inspiration from the following gallery of celebrities who got help and returned to the spotlight. Read More
It's A Crying Shame
UK ER's seeing 'drunk children' 
Nearly 300 children aged 11 or under were admitted to A&E units across the UK last year after drinking too much, a BBC Radio 5 live investigation shows. Read More
Rehabs In The News
California rehab doctor OKs treatment without seeing patients
A Southern California doctor with a history of run-ins with regulators has approved treatment for more than 1,550 patients at publicly funded drug rehabilitation clinics now under investigation for fraud. Read More
Bill W.
All 72 images in The Bill W. Collection are available on a to Lease-to-Buy basis. You may lease any of the photographs from 90 ninety days up to a year for your home, office, recovery clubhouse or treatment center. Read More
REEL Recovery FIlm Festival
REEL Recovery Film Festival - LOS ANGELES

Oct.18 - 24th, 2013
Monica 4-plex
1332 2nd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

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