2016 Camp Card Program Success! 
More than 200 Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops and Venturing Crews joined the Camp Card Program this year and successfully raised funds to send their Sc
outs to Camp and provide an excellent program for them!

We hope that all of our Scouts, families and leaders enjoy their Summer Camp experiences this summer at Musser Scout Reservation, Resica Falls Scout Reservation, Community Cub Scout Day Camps or any area Scouting program!
2016 Camp Card Winners Club

Below, we share the final portion of our 48 Strive for 25 Winners, who were entered into drawings due to their success in the Camp Card Sale.  However, we also asked you to let us know if you have any of the "real" winners - the Scouts who are able to attend Summer Camp this year funded 100% by Camp Cards. Congrats to these Scouts (and their parents) who have earned one (or more!) camp sessions through their hard work.

Unit Type
Unit Number
Summer Camp Experience funded by Camp Cards

JacobHPack17Cub Scout Community Day Camp
TeaganPPack510Cub Adventures Resident Program
RaidenNPack510Cub Adventures Resident Program
CharlieSPack510Cub Adventures Resident Program
NicholasAPack724Cub Adventures Resident Program
ThaisonHTroop0563Resica Falls Scout Reservation
DylanHTroop0563Resica Falls Scout Reservation
GeorgeLTroop43Resica Falls Scout Reservation
GianlucaVPack414Cub Adventures Day Program
JacobGPack414Cub Adventures Day Program
RandySPack414Cub Adventures Day Program
GiuseppeVTroop229National BSA High Adventure
TimothyGTroop414Resica Falls Scout Reservation

And a big congratulations to ALL of Pack 174, Conestoga District, who sold enough Camp Cards for all of their Scouts to attend Smedley Park Community Day Camp - WOW!

ShaneCPack174Cub Scout Community
 Day Camp
ThomasDPack174Cub Scout Community Day Camp
SonnyCPack174Cub Scout Community Day Camp
DevonDPack174Cub Scout Community Day Camp
174Cub Scout Community Day Camp
DylanCPack174Cub Scout Community Day Cap
JTCPack174Cub Scout Community Day Camp
Strive for 25 Winners

Throughout the sale, we've been able to recognize 40 of our top sellers through the Strive for 25 program, who won gift cards and 50% camperships to Cradle of Liberty Camps. 

As our sale has concluded, we've re-entered all those top sellers' entries and pulled eight winners in our final MEGA drawing!  Congrats to these Scouts and all our Scouts who earned their way with Camp Cards!

100% Campership to a 2016 COL Camp
Timmy E. of Troop 43, Conestoga District
Kyle K. of Troop 111, Conestoga District

$150 Amazon Gift Card
Moussa K. of Pack 16, Triune District
Arjun "RJ" M. of Troop 191, Minquas District

$100 Amazon Gift Card
Kyle F. of Troop 125, Northern District
Ethan J. of Pack 212, Constellation District

$50 Amazon Gift Card
Stephen H. of Troop 91, General Nash District
Jack H. of Troop 32, Conestoga District

District Camp Card Chairs will contact the respective Unit Coordinators to confirm the information.  Unit Coordinators will receive this recognition items in the mail and will be able to present at an upcoming unit meeting.
Additional Cards
We have received a few inquiries regarding additional cards for a "second sale.  We do anticipate that these will be available, likely in mid-July for any units that are interested.  Once details are set, they will be shared through the BSA Today newsletter.
Thank you to our 2016
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