How we are working to improved Resica Falls for this year.
Resica Falls June Program News & Updates 

Over the years, we have made many improvements to camp! This year is no different! We have made even more improvements to make this summer Resica Falls the best yet! Here are some reminders and updates for the upcoming season.

Let's all reconvene in 2016
Order your custom Resica Falls shirt. We've extended the date.
Order your customized Troop shirts for camp. 
$13 each for sizes AS-AXL 
$15.50 for sizes 2XL and up.
If ordering 9 shirts or less there is a $10 setup fee.  

Orders must be received by June 7 for pick up at camp. Order your shirts here!They will be available for pick up when you check in for your week at Resica.
Our menu is ready to devour.
Get ready to feast! The menu has been posted and is ready to view. 2016 Resica Fall Summer Camp Menu  
If you have any food restrictions, allergies or intolerance we will try our best to make accommodations. To help make these accommodations, please fill out our special diet request form.The form is emailed directly to our food service provider upon completion.
Half off a second week!

Already attending another resident program in 2016? 
Join us for a second week of adventures at a special price. You can attend without your Troop and join in Troop 1 with the adult leadership provided by our staff. Call or email about this offer.

*Must show proof of registration and payment at the second camp. Ie. Local council camp, Philmont, Sea Base, etc
Leaders Guide Updates for Merit Badge Prerequisites
We made changes to the prerequisites to match the changes to the 2016 merit badge requirements. Prerequisite list was updated based on the changes on the new requirements.  The merit badges that were updates were Lifesaving, Emergency Preparedness, Cooking, Hiking, and Photography. Please make sure to review the list of prerequisites in the the Rescia Falls Camp Guide.
June pre-camp meeting

Questions? Come to this meeting with all your questions and be sure to have anything you are uncertain about cleared up. Be informed with the up to the minute details on the camp program and operation. Any changes are usually announced at this time and it is at this meeting where your campsite and arrival time will be assigned. 
When:    June 6, 2016 for Troops attending Weeks 1-4 
              June 7, 2016 for Troops attending Weeks 5-7 

What time: 7PM  
All our forms and information are ready for download on our  website.
What? We want you back!

That's right we are offering a free week of camp to Troops that have not attended Resica Falls since 2012. We are offering these Troops two free scouts and one free adult to joins us this year. The individuals do not need to attend with the Troop they can come as a small group and enjoy Resica Falls.  All we ask is that the Scouts make a presentation to your unit about Resica Falls when you are deciding your troop's destination next year. For details call us 484-654-9218 or  email us.
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