It's the bottom of the ninth, two outs, and your pack, troop, crew, or ship is up to bat... and everyone looks to you, the coach, to lead them to a win.

Hit It Out of the Park This Spring!

Grow your program in three steps:

  1. Check Your Unit Roster: Are all your active players registered? Your unit leader, committee chair, and chartered representative have access to your current unit roster through You can also work with your unit commissioner or district professional to conduct a roster check.
  2. Hold a Recruitment Event: Set a date, time, location, and contact person for an open house or other recruitment event. The council provides recruitment materials and support free of charge. Work with your district membership chair or professional to make arrangements. You can also submit recruitment event info here (coming soon).
  3. Submit New Youth Applications: Turn-in applications to your district professional or the Scouting Resource Center no later than June 15. This ensures new recruits are properly registered and qualify to receive advancements and attend summer camp, as well as for your unit to qualify for rewards.
Let us know and we'll get you the materials you need! 

for all the details.
Why Recruit Now?
If you take a short drive in any of our Cradle of Liberty Council communities, it's not hard to find yard signs for youth activities. You'll notice that the promotion for fall sports start as early as March (sometimes even earlier), with sign-up deadlines during the spring months. For your Scouting program to be convenient and accessible to our families, we need to offer our programs on the same timeline. 

While all Scouting units should be offering a year-round program, regularly occurring unit activities are not necessary for participation in spring recruitment events. Remember that families are signing-up now for fall youth activities, with an expectation that their applications and fees are due now, but the regular schedule will not begin until September.

However, regardless of how many activities or meetings are planned locally, Scouting does offer a year-round program. The spring offers a great opportunity to promote the outdoor program of Scouting, and then deliver that promise of adventure immediately through Cub Scout day and resident camps, Boy Scout resident camps, as well as one-day events at camp.
Bonus Rewards for Your Unit
Like any baseball season, some competition keeps up the excitement! In the spirit of Scouting, our World Series will be friendly in nature. We all want every team to be as successful as possible, but there will be score keeping and rewards for both bragging rights and awards.

There will be one set of scoreboards each of our divisions: Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting and Venturing/Sea Scouting. These will be posted at and shared regularly through this newsletter. 

While adding players to your "team" is rewarding by itself, we want to further recognize the Scouting units that lead the way during this World Series:

$75 for Your Unit:
  • In each district, the unit that recruits and registers the greatest number of new, non-multipled, youth members between April 15 and May 15 will receive a $75 credit to their unit account.
  • In each district, the unit that recruits and registers the greatest number of new, non-multipled, youth members between May 16 and June 15 will receive a $75 credit to their unit account.
  • Credits in unit custodial accounts can be used for store purchases, summer camp payments, camp reservations or any district or council activities. 
Take Your Scouts and Their Families Out to the Ballgame!
  • Three units will be given the opportunity to take their unit to a Philadelphia Phillies or minor league baseball team game of their choice.* 
  • The pack that has the greatest percentage of growth in their Cub Scout youth membership as compared to January 1.**
  • The troop or team that has the greatest percentage growth in their Boy Scout youth membership as compared to January 1.** 
  • The crew or ship that has the greatest percentage growth in their Venturing/Sea Scout youth membership as compared to January 1.**
*Cradle of Liberty Council will purchase tickets for a July or August Philadelphia Phillies or an area minor league baseball game of the unit's choice. Value of tickets provided not to exceed $750 per unit.
**or the date the 2016 charter was posted if later than January 1.
Program Planning is Key!
It's no secret what entices new youth and families to join Scouting and keep them involved: a well-planned, fun program. While planning for your upcoming Scouting year may seem daunting or time-consuming, it doesn't have to be. And "Being Prepared" ahead of time will ultimately save time and headaches for you and your fellow busy adult leaders who volunteer their time to make a difference.

The planning process for each level of Scouting programs differs slightly based on who's involved and their level of involvement, but consists of the following basic steps:
  1. Decide what activities are going to happen.
  2. Build a budget based on what those activities are going to cost and other associated costs of running a Scout unit.
  3. Develop a fundraising plan to offset the cost to families and determine a per-Scout fundraising goal.
  4. Communicate the plan with your families (and prospective families, too.)
There's a host of resources to help:
Additionally, you're welcome to attend one of two seminars happening in May and June where you can learn first-hand how to support your unit's "Ideal Year of Scouting" with the popcorn fundraiser. The focus of these seminars is on building and funding a solid Scouting program and you can attend at no cost whether or not your unit participates in the popcorn fundraiser. Click here for additional information.

If you'd like additional support, our district committees, commissioners and professionals stand ready to assist your unit leadership in planning and running a fun, exciting and safe program for your Scouts and Venturers. Find your local professional representative here or contact
Best Practices: Recruiting Boy Scouts
Boy Scout Troop 542 in the Cradle of Liberty Council's Baden-Powell District recognized a need to recruit new Boy Scouts into their troop outside of Webelos Scouts crossing-over from local Cub Scout packs. Read more
Have a success story/best practice to share?
Send it to or post on our Facebook page. Include pictures if you can!
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