Rocket Into Scouting is the Cradle of Liberty Council's coordinated fall membership recruitment campaign with the aims of simplifying the sign-up process, strengthening our programs, and improving youth and family recruitment and retention. Most importantly, it's about FUN!
Are You Getting Ready to Launch?
We hope you're enjoying the summer. September will be here before you know it, so here are some tips to get ready for Rocket Into Scouting:
  • Make sure your unit has a volunteer to serve as the recruitment coordinator and encourage that person to sign-up for the Rocket Into Scouting contact list.
  • You'll need a suitable location to conduct the sports-style sign-up night on Wednesday, September 30. Make sure your district membership chair and/or executive know your location ASAP so we can publish it in advance.
  • Remember, the coordinated sign-up night on September 30 is meant to enhance your pack's recruiting efforts, not replace them. Make sure your pack has a presence at community and back-to-school events (parades, picnics, open houses, etc.) prior to September 30. You can start recruiting now!
  • Update your unit's pin and enable online applications. Your unit leader, committee chair, and chartered organization representative have access through MyScouting to update your unit's PIN (and can grant access to others to do so). Email if you need assistance.
  • Very Important: Solidify your unit's program plan so you can share your unit calendar and other vital information with new families when they sign-up. Here's a resource to help. Your district's committee and commissioner staff also stand ready to assist your unit with program planning.
  • Check out the training webinars we've recorded (links below) and participate in our upcoming Rocket Into Scouting Roundtable webinars (see below).
For more information and resources, please visit
Rocket Distribution and Ordering Additional Rockets
We've posted information regarding how rockets will be distributed to units for new Scouts and how your unit can order additional rockets for existing Scouts.

Join us for two upcoming Rocket Into Scouting Roundtable webinars where we'll be available to take your questions, share information, and talk about best practices.
Watch Recorded Webinars:
Recruitment Support
We want to provide the best possible support so your unit has all the resources it takes to run a successful recruitment this fall. Working together, we can ensure that every youth and family who wants to experience the Adventure of Scouting has the opportunity to do so.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or needs, please do not hesitate to contact or call 610-688-6900.

Mark Chilutti                                   Brett Montich
Council Membership Chair             Rocket Into Scouting Chair
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Issue 4 - July 29, 2015

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