November 2014

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In This Issue:
Scouting for Food
Den Chiefs
Life to Eagle
Dates to Remember:


27 - Thanksgiving Day Parade



1 - Last Day Popcorn Payments

6 - OA Brotherhood Blitz

9 - Roundtable / Holiday Party

13 - University of Scouting



6 - Annual District Business Mtg

13 - Roundtable

23-25 - Klondike



10 - Roundtable 



10 - Roundtable

27-29 - Spring Camporee


Quick Links

Conestoga District Leadership


District Chair

Robert (Bob) Booth



District Commissioner

Joel Jeffries



Senior District Executive

Matthew Fernandes



Senior Quality Unit Executive

BettyAnn Atkinson




Advancement Chairman

(& Eagle Project Approval)



Eagle Board of Review

Robert Wetzel



Training Chairman

Jim Foster


Membership Chairman

Robert Moore


Webelos Crossover Champion

Barry Walsh


Merit Badge Chairman

Paul Dallatore


Family Friends of Scouting Chairman

Mark Crater



District Popcorn Kernal

Dave Zimmerman


District Camp Card "Coach"

Dave Zimmerman


Scouting for Food Chairman

Frank Dewan


District Dinner Chairman

Judy Neiman


District Camping Chair



Cub Activities Chair

John Rex


Day Camp Director

John Thomas


District Camporee Chairman

Jim Fitzgerald


District Cookoree Chariman

Michael DiStefano


Order of the Arrow Adviser

Jamie Flick



Assistant District Commissioners

John Rex

Dave Zimmerman


Assistant District Commissioner of Roundtables

Dave Zimmerman


 Roundtable Commissioners 

Cub Scout: Ed Vogel
Venturing: Angela Margavitch


Unit Commissioners

 Michael DiStefano

P54, T54


Jim Foster

P37, P503, T375


Jim Fitzgerald

P44, P355, P485, T43, T44


 Joel Jeffries

P92, P2206, C32 


Mike Mingey

P174, P757, T757


Josh Nay

C32, T355, C355


Steve Perrone

P240, P403, C512


John Seng

P375, T32


Todd Shaner



Barry Walsh

T227, T503


Dave Whalen

P111, T111


Mark Wilson



Dave Zimmerman

P339, T2



Second Tuesday of every month!  


December 9th

Roundtable & Annual Holiday Party!


Drexel Hill United Methodist Church

600 Burmont Rd, Drexel Hill, PA


Joint Session 7:30-8:15 pm 

Program announcements & Party

Feel free to bring a snack or drinks to share.


Program Breakout 8:15-9:00 pm

Program-specific discussions and presentations relevant to you.

 - Cub Scout

 - Boy Scout

 - Venturing

 - Order of the Arrow


All Scout leaders and interested adults are welcome to attend Roundtable.  Every Unit should have at least one leader attend. 


Yours in Scouting,  

Dave Zimmerman

ADC for Roundtable


Time to turn in charter paperwork. Make sure to log into the recharter system, make changes, print a copy and get it signed.


Mail or drop it off to the office!

Don't be Late! 

Bring with you:
- Recharter (signed)
- Applications (if any - fully filled out and signed)
- Youth Protection for any new apps & expiring leaders
   - Must be valid through May 1, 2015
- Position Specific Training for anyone changing positions
- Date of possible FOS presentation and Camp Promo 
- Payment of $24 pp + $2 pp insurance.
(include $2 insurance for Tiger Partners)

Scouting for Food

Hopefully everyone enjoyed doing a great service to our local community by participating in Scouting for Food.  Now that food has been collected, please send your numbers for both drop off and pick up days to Frank Dewan ASAP.  The donors who supply the bags and advertising for this food drive need to see the results of our efforts.

BagsDrop OffDrop OffPick UpPick UpItems 

Congratulations to everyone for a great sale!
Popcorn prizes are arriving so keep an eye out for your packages!
All swap forms are past due.  If you have any you have not turned in yet, please do so ASAP!
Payment for popcorn may be dropped off or mailed directly to the council office. Make sure your unit # and "Conestoga District" is clear as there are units with matching #s in other districts.
Please contact Dave Zimmerman with any questions.
Den Chiefs
Does your Pack have a Den Chief? 
  At least 1 for each den?
Does your Troop send Den Chiefs to help Packs? 
Boy Scouts need leadership skills and Cub Scouts need youth leaders. We have 19 Packs in Conestoga and not even half have Den Chiefs, let's fix that! 
If you need help connecting to a Pack/Troop, please let Matthew Fernandes know.
What is a Den Chief?  Qualifications & Responsibilities 


Den Chief Online Training 

Life to Eagle Seminar

Learn about every step and the entire process of earning Eagle.

 It have been a few years since we held this seminar and much has changed!

December 1st, 2014 @7:30pm
Covenant United Methodist Church
212 W Springfield Rd, Springfield


Are all of the leaders in your unit fully trained?  


Leaders not fully trained will be dropped.  If the leaders position is needed to recharter, your unit's entire charter will be held up and the unit will not be allowed to meet until the charter has been processed.

ALL Youth Protection must be valid through May 1, 2015.
  • All assistant Scoutmasters and assistant Venturing advisers must complete basic training. Assistant Scoutmasters and assistant Venturing crew advisers age 21 and older can register as a member of the troop or crew committee if they do not complete their classroom-style leader training.
  • All Cub Scout leader training and committee training for both troops and packs is available online at
  • Venturing committee training is expected to be available from BSA National in spring of 2014 and will be mandatory for crew committee members at that time.

Click HERE for the training calendar.