July 2014

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In This Issue:
Blood Drive
Friends of Scouting (FOS)
Dates to Remember:
28 - Day Camp Begins
12 - Membership Kick-off
24 - Blood Drive
9 - Roundtable
TBD - District Wide Cub Recruiting Event


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Conestoga District Leadership


District Chair

Bob Booth




District Commissioner

Joel Jeffries




Senior District Executive

Matthew Fernandes




Senior Quality Unit Executive

BettyAnn Atkinson





Advancement Chairman

(& Eagle Project Approval)




Eagle Board of Review Contact

Robert Wetzel



Training Chairman

Jim Foster


Membership Chairman

Robert Moore


Webelos Crossover Champion

Barry Walsh


Merit Badge Chairman



Family Friends of Scouting Chairman

Mark Crater



District Popcorn Kernal

Dave Zimmerman


District Camp Card "Coach"

Dave Zimmerman


Scouting for Food Chairman

Frank Dewan


District Dinner Chairman

Judy Neiman


District Camping Chair

 Paul Dallatore


Cub Activities Chair

John Rex


Day Camp Director

John Thomas


District Camporee Chairman

Jim Fitzgerald


District Cookoree Chariman

Michael DiStefano


Order of the Arrow Adviser

Jamie Flick



Assistant District Commissioners

John Rex

Dave Zimmerman


Assistant District Commissioner of Roundtables

Dave Zimmerman


 Roundtable Commissioners

Venturing: Angela Margavitch


Unit Commissioners

 Michael DiStefano

P54, T54


Jim Foster

P37, P503, T375


Jim Fitzgerald

P44, P355, P485, T43, T44


 Joel Jeffries

P92, P2206, C32 


Mike Mingey

P174, P757, T757


Josh Nay

C32, T355, C355


Steve Perrone

P240, P403, C512


John Seng

P375, T32


Todd Shaner



Barry Walsh

T227, T503


Dave Whalen

P111, T111


Mark Wilson

P2, C566


Dave Zimmerman

P339, T2


Blood Drive Aug 24th


Register to Donate Blood! colbsa.org/blooddrive


Promote the Blood Drive!


Both within your unit and to friends and family!
Share the District Facebook event too!  
Conestoga District will host a Blood Drive at the 
Ridley YMCA (
900 South Ave, Secane, PA 19018) 
Sunday, August 24th from 7am - 4pm


Other dates and locations are available here

(Just let them know you are donating for Conestoga District)



Scouts and Scouters will be able to provide service by:


  • Giving blood (must be at least 17 or 16 with parental consent form)
  • Promoting the drive prior to family, friends, colleagues, business associates, and the community-at-large
  • Volunteering at the drive (limited opportunities available)
  • Helping with the BSA promotions table
  •  - Each Scout and Scouter that participates will receive a commemorative patch.
  • Scouts:
    • The top Scout in each district who secures the most donor commitments* will receive a full campership to attend a Cradle of Liberty Council summer camp in 2015.
    • The Scout who secures the second-most donor commitments* in each district will receive a half-campership to attend a Cradle of Liberty Council summer camp in 2015.
  • Units: 
    • The pack, troop or crew in each district that secures the most donor commitments* will receive a special-edition "Scouting for Life" branded dining fly/tarp.
*In order to count for the incentive program, donors who complete a commitment card must show up to a Red Cross blood drive and give blood. Must secure at least 20 donors to qualify.
Training is not just done in the fall to get charters processed, EVERY leader should be fully trained at ALL TIMES!

Do you know how many of your leaders are trained?  
Check out my.scouting.org to see your leaders.

Jim Foster is our District Training Chair and can assist you in finding the in- person or online training that you need to be fully trained.
Friends of Scouting (FOS)

There are many companies and corporations that are part of a "Dollars for Doers" program.

 Please review the list and contact your Human Resources representative if you work for any of the eligible companies.
Contact Matthew.Fernandes@scouting.org if you have any questions or work for a company that participates.