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Ommani Center Celebrates 13th Anniversary
A Deeper Kind of Healthcare Reform
Education at Ommani
2014 Missed Appointment Fee Increase
Dr. Kumar in the Media
Breath Meditation
Frozen Pipes

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Issue 33, February 2014

Ommani Center Celebrates 13th Anniversary


On February 19 we celebrate our 13th anniversary. We've experienced incredible transformation and growth during the past 13 years. We are sincerely grateful to our loyal patients and  excellent staff who bring amazing vitality and health-affirming energy to our Center.  Thank you all for the loyalty and support.

A Deeper Kind of Healthcare Reform

Kalpana (Rose) Kumar, M.D.

Many of us are disheartened by the state of health care today. The solutions being proposed to repair and reform it are not sustainable for physicians or patients. Every system functions from operating principles that govern and direct its mission. In order for us to understand why health care is dysfunctional, we need to analyze and understand its business model as it relates to its mission. 

Education@Ommani 2014

Shelley Carpenter, Physical Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher will present a free lecture titled Yoga for Vitality' on Thursday, February 20, 6-7PM

  • Learn yoga breathing techniques to become calm and centered, focused on the present moment.
  • Learn yoga poses to do at your desk to prevent repetitive stress injuries and aches and pains.
  • Hear about the many proven health benefits of yoga.
  • Relax with a guided meditation.

Shelley has been a Physical Therapist for 22 years and is also an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher.  In her PT practice, she has repeatedly seen stress as the major cause of pain, injury, illness and disease.


Where Are We When There's 'Nothing at the Center?' 

A special day long workshop - Saturday, March 29,  9:30AM-3PM, Presented by Boris Matthews, PhD, Jungian Psychotherapist

Feeling "centered" is one of life's most precious experiences.  In fact, "It's the only way to live!" But, we do not always feel centered.

The workshop will be divided into 2 sections:

-The morning will be informational:

  • What is the "center"? 
  • What do people say about this experience? 
  • What facilitates a person's experience of being in the center?
  • What hinders or prevents that centered experience?
  • What happens when a great many people in a society have no sense of center?

-The afternoon session will include two guided imagery centering exercises.  To the extent that participants feel comfortable, we will share our imagery and experience of the two exercises.


-The day will conclude with a brief review of the importance of experiencing our center and discussion of finding and developing tools for taking oneself to our center. 

(Fee prior to March 15: $50 - after March 15: $60)


Click here, Education @ Ommani, to see the complete listing of offerings available in February-May, 2014. Remember, you do not need to be a patient at The Ommani Center to participate in the Education @ Ommani classes.  Don't miss out - call now, 262.695.5311, to register for any one or all of these informative lectures/workshops. Register for yourself and a family member or friend!  

2014 Missed Appointment and Late Cancellation Fees Increase


Beginning February, 2014 our physician missed appointment and late cancellation fees have increased from $70 to $100.  Please be sure to notify us 24 hours prior to your appointment time if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.  The 24 hour period allows us to make the appointment time available to others on our waiting list.  We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.  

Dr. Kumar in the Media

  • January 18, 2014, Mind Body Spirit Living Radio - Dr. Kumar interviewed by Chris Kahn - Integrative Medicine.

radio tv   

Breath Meditation

Please enjoy this 5-minute guided breath meditation led by our own yoga teacher and Reiki Master, Shelley Carpenter, PT, RYT, Reiki Master.  Shelley offers group yoga classes, individual therapeutic yoga sessions and Reiki healing sessions here at Ommani.

Guided Breath Meditation
Guided Breath Meditation


Frozen Pipes


This past Monday, we arrived at work to find our lovely Center flooded. A sprinkler pipe burst on the floor above us due to the relentless frigid temperatures.

With the cheerful and positive attitude of our staff, patients and an amazing crew of workmen, we found it possible to reopen on Tuesday.  We set up temporary offices so all our practitioners are keeping their appointments while the workers dry out our space and replace walls and equipment.  It will take a while, but we have been blessed with everyone's understanding and good humor as we clean-up and rebuild.  Thank you very much.

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