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Issue 31, January 2014

Mid-life as Alchemy

Kalpana (Rose) Kumar, M.D.

What is Midlife? What is Menopause? What is at stake?


What is our Conditioned-Self? What is our Authentic-Self? How do they differ?


In my 22 year history as a physician who has worked with thousands of brave and courageous men and women with stories of wounding, suffering and healing, I can say that I have been able to identify the differences between these selves and the intrinsic power that emerges when one leaves the Conditioned for the Authentic Self. The Conditioned-self is who you were told you SHOULD BE. The Authentic-Self is WHO YOU ARE. For the first half of our life, the Authentic-Self is buried beneath the Conditioned. In the second half, we must re-emerge Authentic. 

Homeopathy as Part of Healthcare

David Johnson, CCH

In this two minute YouTube video, General Practitioner,  Dr. Ralf Schmalhorst succinctly summarizes why those of us who take an active approach to our health and well-being should consider homeopathy as part of our care.  


If you are interested in seeing whether homeopathic care is a good fit for you, a family member or friend, you can call David Johnson, CCH, PA with your questions at our clinic number 262-695-5311. David is a certified classical homeopath and has been working in that capacity for the past 18 years. Prior to that he was a physician assistant for 12 years and worked in many different areas of conventional medicine.

Patients choose homeopathy
Patients choose homeopathy

New Years Resolutions and Benefits of Yoga

Shelley Carpenter, PT, Reiki Master, RYT 

If you're like most people, your resolutions included exercising more, eating right, and finding more enjoyment in life--whatever that means for you. A regular yoga practice can assist in achieving those goals. Perhaps the reason you haven't exercised in the recent past is because you've had physical pain or injuries that limit what you can do. Maybe the reason that you are overeating or making unhealthy food choices is that you are using food as a way to deal with stress. Maybe it's been hard to find time for enjoyment or pursuing your dreams because of your hectic schedule. 

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Dr. Kumar in the Media & Informational Talk

  • MindBodySpirit Living Radio, Interview with Chris Kann, Host, WRJN AM1400  Saturday, January 18  12:30PM CT

radio tv   

  • The CATHE Center at 125 E. State Street, Burlington, WI is hosting an informational talk by Dr. Kumar on Saturday, March 8, 10-11AM.  Space is limited - Register at 262.745.3380 or  [email protected]. 

Workshops at Ommani

Energy Tree Health Coaching Group Workshop - Eating Life Your Life Depends On It...Because It Does

  • Presenter - Colleen Suess, Certified Health Coach  Phone 414.687.3617
  • Classes begin January 16, Thursdays
  • Registration still open - go to for information and fees - Look under Events tab

Clean Eating-How  Gluten-Free Living Increases Well-Being  


  • Free talk presented by Robyn Wright of Posana Organics - March 18, 6-7PM & again on March 26, 10-11AM  
  • Topics to be discussed:
    • How nourishment (poSaNa) can be a real way of life.
    • How to reduce grains and increase well-being.
    • How sugar addiction can be cured.
    • Why coconut and almond flours are included in a healthy way of living.

Space is limited - Call us today to register - 262.695.5311



Education@Ommani 2014

Aimee Brown, LAc, MSOM, will present a talk on Tuesday evening, January 21, 2014 entitled, "Weight Loss from the Perspective of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture: A Way to Make Healthy Food Choices and/or go Gluten Free".  


Her talk includes a short introduction to Chinese Medicine and how digestion works according to this paradigm. Topics covered will include:  How to know if your digestive system is weak;  What to eat and avoid according to Chinese Medicine to encourage a healthy digestive system and promote weightloss; Why going gluten free may be good for the body in general and how to begin a gluten free diet.


Shelley Carpenter, experienced Physical Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher will present a free informative talk entitled, "Yoga for Vitality" on Thursday, February 20, 2014, 6-7 pm. In this lecture format, you will learn and practice basic breathing techniques to become calm and centered and basic yoga poses to do at your desk to improve posture, prevent repetitive stress injuries and aches and pains. You will learn about the many proven health benefits of yoga for people of all ages and abilities, and relax with a guided meditation.


Boris Matthews, PhD, Jungian Psychotherapist, is offering a special Saturday workshop entitled: "Where Are We When There's Nothing at the Center?"  Our struggles with the loss and betrayal of our dreams and the emptiness that results cuts to the very roots of our sense of identity; bringing us face to face with fury, fear, and despair. This is hard to bear.  In this workshop we will invoke myth and story and personal experiences to explore how the collapse of our dreams and our loss of our sense of identity takes us into dark places. We'll learn when we can yield to those dark places and with the right kind of support, how renewal begins and rebirth can follow.   


Click here, Education @ Ommani, to see the complete listing of offerings available in January-March, 2014. Remember, you do not need to be a patient at The Ommani Center to participate in the Education @ Ommani classes.  Don't miss out - call now, 262.695.5311, to register for any one or all of these informative lectures/workshops. Register for yourself and a family member or friend!   

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