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Self-Advocacy Through Your Wallet
Massage to Relieve Cold Weather Stiffness
The Tongue and Chinese Medicine
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Each one of us has a unique song, a unique soul that offers itself to the world.  Let us celebrate this.  

~Rose Kumar M.D.~

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Issue 23, May 2013

How We Can Bring Peace on Earth

Kalpana (Rose) Kumar, M.D.


In the aftermath of the shooting in Boston, many of us are left wondering how tragedies like this can be prevented. Why are these occurrences more common today? What can we do to make the world a more peaceful place?


All humans have a shadow. Carl Jung said that the shadow aspects of ourselves are the denied and repressed aspects we do not want others to see. We have an individual shadow as well as a collective shadow. The collective shadow is comprised of shadow aspects of individuals that form a society or a nation. It can also refer to the shadow aspects of all the people who inhabit the Earth. 

Dr. Kumar in the Media

radio tv  

March 4th - Radio MD, Interview with Melanie Cole, MD, Embracing Your Midlife Transition

March 14th - BlogTalkRadio, Interview with Doug Foresta, LICSW, Reclaiming the Feminine & Reclaiming Healthcare

March 19th -  The Doctor Blog (For Practitioners), Article- Things to Talk with Your Patient about When Prescribing Medication

Wed 4/17/13 - Janet Love Radio Show, Interview with Janet Love

4/22/13 - WebRadio, Interview with Mary Treacy O'Keefe, Hope, Healing & Wellbeing

April, 2013 - All Things Healing Website, Article/Posting, Midlife as a Gateway to Authenticity

Self-Advocacy Through Your Wallet

Stephanie Delmore, MA, LPC

I'm in the business of "Change Management" as a psychotherapist. People seek psychotherapy when they want to change something in their life. I help clients see new options and opportunities for change. One of the avenues I most often explore with clients is ways in which they can advocate for themselves. Self-advocacy can be needed in relationships, in the workplace or in self-care. I conceptualize self-care as taking care of all the parts of one's self: physical, mental, and spiritual.


In an effort to take care of all parts of one's self, sometimes there is hard earned money that needs to be spent. Some people have a hard time spending money on themselves. They can spend money on their child, spouse or friend, but struggle to spend it on themselves. In this case, we discuss valuing and prioritizing one's self. It's about realizing one's value and worth. 


Read the rest of this article...

Stephanie Delmore, MA, LPC.  To schedule a counseling appointment with Stephanie, contact us at 262.695.5311.  

Massage to Relieve Cold Weather Stiffness

Jennifer Kersten, CMT

March and April have been unseasonably cold this year. That continuous cold weather really does a number on our neck and shoulders. You might notice extra stiffness, pain and achiness in these areas even now that the weather has warmed. This is from instinctively hunching our shoulders both upwards towards our ears and forward towards our chest to protect our vital core from the cold.


Although Spring is finally here, we often continue to hold on to that hunched posture. This causes continued pain and more serious musculoskeletal problems down the road. If you are experiencing this, receiving a well-targeted massage will help tremendously. I recommend receiving 1 to 3 massages, spaced a week or two apart, to get your body feeling balanced and flexible for spring and summer activities.


Jennifer Kersten, CMT offers massage and acupressure therapy at Ommani.  To schedule an appointment with her contact us at 262.695.5311. 

The Tongue and Chinese Medicine

Aimee Brown, LAc, MSOM


People frequently ask why I want to look at the tongue as part of their initial acupuncture intake.


The appearance and qualities of one's tongue is a critical part of diagnosis in Chinese Medicine.  The tongue has many relationships and connections in the body and is a strong indicator of a person's overall harmony or disharmony.  We look at the shape, color, size, textures or landmarks and coating; each of which provides a piece of the puzzle to help in the diagnostic process.


Here is a link to a fun, interactive and very informative website that gives you the opportunity to 'evaluate' your own tongue from a Chinese Medicine perspective.  Take the tongue test, I think you'll find it enlightening. Who knew your tongue could reveal so much? 




Aimee Brown, LAc, MSOM.  To schedule an acupuncture appointment with Aimee, contact us at 262.695.5311.  

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

A new introductory workshop - June 13, 2013 - 6-8PM

Workshop Leader:  Jesse Foy, M.D., MBSR Teacher.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is a program developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  Over 30 years of research have demonstrated and validated MBSR's effectiveness to address stress, physical and medical conditions, psychological and cognitive challenges and much more.  This workshop will help you understand how MBSR works and its scientifically documented benefits.  You will experience the mindfulness practice and be able to ask questions to learn whether mindfulness is right for you.

  • Enrollment is limited
  • Call now to reserve your place 262.695.5311   
  • Fee: $35   

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