Our therapeutic learning environment is uniquely tailored to a student's  
needs and strengths. 
CLU's R.E.A.D. process is at the heart of its educational programs. Throughout each school day, staff create opportunities for students to progress academically and:
  • build lasting, interpersonal Relationships
  • master Executive functioning skills,
  • use Assistive technology for enhanced learning, and 
  • explore their uniqueness through the Development of personal talents.
R.E.A.D. in Action

Upper School student, Jacob, explores leadership development while serving as a guest facilitator during a Lower School lesson focused on exploring the connection between written and spoken language.

  • Utilizing "composite class" structure where different ages relate, help, and experience together.
  • The class paralleled the story with group questions (e.g., "how does the character feel in this picture?").

xecutive Functioning
  • Jacob selected a book from our school library that supported the lesson plan, worked with our teaching and administrative staff to prepare leading questions, and practiced his reading rate, voice level, and eye contact while reading.

ssistive Technology

  • All students provided input and answers to the discussion, regardless of their speech and language capabilities.  Proloquo2Go (pictured at right) is a symbol-supported Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ACC) solution which provides a "voice" for students who cannot speak or have difficulty speaking.


  • Multi-sensory learning is a key component of each lesson at CLU. To parallel the storyline, students made a clay "something" of their choice as a closing activity.

Our mission is to reconnect complex children with their academic, social and emotional potential, thereby empowering them to engage as citizens of the 21st century.

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