Center for Economic Education & Entrepreneurship


 The basic skills test is designed to assess students knowledge of economics, personal finance, and entrepreneurship. Each team works together to  complete the test and turns in only one answer sheet. Students are given approximately 30 minutes to complete the test.

Sample Test 1 with Answers

Sample Test 2 with Answers

Sample Answer Sheet



The Production activities are designed to test students' abilities to work together as a team, designate responsibility, and follow directions. Each team is given a set of directions and a time limit to produce an item according to directions. They are judged on the quantity and the quality of the item. Students are typically given approximately 30 minutes of production time, but this may vary. *Note: The biggest problems we have in this portion of the competition are that the students don't follow directions and/or do sloppy work.

Sample Product 1

Sample Product 2

Sample Product 3

Sample Product 4



    Problem Solving Activities are designed to test students' creativity and cooperation. Each team designs a good or service to solve a given problem, creates an advertising campaign, and makes a two-minute presentation before a panel of judges. The judges, who come from the corporate, educational, and legislative world, use a scoring rubric to rate the presentations in creativity, function, and team work. The students are given approximately 30 minutes to create their product, design an advertising poster, and come up with a commercial.  More information about how to practice these activities in your class is located in the directions below.  

Directions for Problem Solving Activities

Sample Problem Solving Activity 1

 Sample Problem Solving Activity 2

Sample Problem Solving Activity 3

Sample Problem Solving Activity 4

Sample Problem Solving Activity 5

Sample Problem Solving Activity 6

Sample Problem Solving Activity 7

Sample Problem Solving Activity 8

Sample Problem Solving Activity 9

Sample Judging Form