The Liberty Prairie Foundation supports educational programming at the Prairie Crossing Farm to educate and inspire people to value healthy food, land and community through experiences on our farm.
The Liberty Prairie Foundation provides leadership and financial support for local food system development, social entrepreneurship, land conservation, environmental education, and civic engagement.
Experience the changing seasons with a series of fun and educational events at the Prairie Crossing Farm.
Organic Plant Sale & Farm Open House           
10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Sat., May 16


It's almost here! We invite YOU to attend our Organic Plant Sale & Farm Open House from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Sat. May 16 at the Prairie Crossing Farm.


Meet the farmers growing local food, explore the farm with a FREE farm tour, visit the chickens, purchase organic plants for your garden and more. Community supported agriculture (CSA) options including organic vegetables, free-range eggs, dairy products, meat products, and pastured pork will be available from multiple farm businesses.


Participating farm businesses include Marigold Hill Organics, the Prairie Farm Corps youth development program, Radical Root Farm, Sandhill Family Farms, and Yaw-Ye Farms. A variety of other organizations will also participate in this wonderful educational event.


In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the first Prairie Crossing home, walking tours to Sanctuary Pond will also be offered. Designated in 1998 as a sanctuary for threatened and endangered fish, Sanctuary Pond was the first such incubator in Illinois, and possibly the first in the U.S. Learn about the Banded Killifish, Blackchin Shiner, Blacknose Shiner, Iowa Darter, and Pugnose Shiner thriving here and how they are reestablishing fish diversity in several Lake County Forest Preserve lakes. 


Experience the seasons on the Prairie Crossing Farm with our farm events which also include the Farm Ridge Hike (Jul. 8) and Fall Festival (Oct. 3), plus several new events that will be announced over the next month. These events balance our public education and outreach with the Prairie Crossing Farmers' needs to safely conduct farm operations on a working organic farm. 


Click here for more information about the Organic Plant Sale & Farm Open House. We look forward to welcoming you to the Prairie Crossing Farm!

Farm to Table Cooking Workshops
Wed., Jul. 15 and Wed., Jul. 22    
Photo by Terri Salminen

We are excited to announce a tantalizing pilot program for the summer of 2015. The Chef in Residence program will result in two seasonal farm to table cooking workshops, as well as enhanced food education for participants in our Prairie Farm Corps youth development program.


Workshops will be lead by professional chef and educator Terri Salminen from the Netherlands in partnership with food educator Lindsey Shifley from Mundelein. Both instructors are Super Ambassadors with the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution who share their passion for real food and food education through events and initiatives.


Workshops will be held on Wed., Jul 15 and Wed., Jul 22 and will focus on the creation of a kitchen pantry, while working with the seasons. Each farm to table cooking session will involve preparation of an appetizer, main course and fruit-based dessert that will be shared together. Stay tuned for registration information in next month's email newsletter!  

Farm Ridge Hike
6:30 - 7:30 p.m. Wed., Jul. 8                              
People throughout the Chicago region get certified organic vegetables from the Prairie Crossing Farm in Grayslake.


Where does your food grow, and how is it grown? How do the conservation features of the overall Prairie Crossing development relate to farm operations at the Prairie Crossing Farm?


Join resident organic farmers Jeff and Jen Miller of Sandhill Family Farms and Mike Sands from the Liberty Prairie Foundation for a free Farm Ridge Hike on Wed., Jul. 8. Learn about Sandhill's organic growing practices, pest management strategies, season extension methods, soil building practices, and more.


Online advance registration is required for this free event. Registration will be offered first-come, first-served. Save the date now, and watch for the registration opening announcement in next month's email newsletter. 

Symphony of the Soil Film  

Watch for FREE online until Apr. 19


The award-winning film Symphony of the Soil continues to generate excitement during this International Year of Soils,  declared by the United Nations General Assembly. 


Whether you missed our free screening event in March, would like to watch it again, or know of others who'd enjoy it - here's another opportunity!


In honor of the International Year of the Soils and the global effort to create soil consciousness, Symphony of the Soil is streaming FREE on their website the week of April 13 - 19. Click here to watch Symphony of the Soil FREE until Apr. 19. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about soil - the foundation of life on earth.

About the Prairie Crossing Farm      

The Prairie Crossing Farm is a working organic farm nestled inside the Prairie Crossing community in Grayslake, Illinois. The Prairie Crossing Farm is owned by the Liberty Prairie Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


The Foundation operates a variety of programs at the Prairie Crossing Farm to advance our mission. The Farm Business Development Center, an incubator program, prepares beginning farmers to meet the demand for locally-grown organic food in the Chicago region. The independently-owned Prairie Crossing Farm businesses serve customers throughout the Chicago region.


The Foundation supports educational programming at the Prairie Crossing Farm to educate and inspire people to value healthy food, land and community through experiences on our farm. Educational programming includes the Prairie Farm Corps youth development program, seasonal events, and more.
32400 North Harris Road
Grayslake, IL 60030