Nov. 2013  

Your Questions Answered
Why Regular Grooming is Important in Colder Months


Many of us are concerned about how the cooler weather will affect our pet.  We may opt to keep our dogs in longer coat during the winter in the hopes that this will help keep them warm.  This can be a good strategy if you also incorporate these helpful tips:

When the coat gets dirty, it will not provide the warming insulation is was designed to do.  If it doesn't float freely about her body but falls in clumps, it's not going to keep her as warm as it should.  Even if you don't want a short cut, a bath and thorough brush out is man's best friend's best friend.

The feet must be kept neat so that snow and ice won't stick and cause irritation between the pads.  This is also how some dogs accidentally ingest dangerous products such as anti-freeze and sidewalk de-icing products.  As dogs lick and chew their feet to remove the snowballs between their toes, they swallow the material that collects in the snow.

Brushing and combing needs to be a priority, especially the friction areas under the legs, behind the ears, the legs, and areas under the collar or harness.  Remember that if your pet wears a jacket or sweater, it can get easily matted if not brushed daily. 

Your pet can be kept warm and comfortable even if you do opt to trim the coat.  Regular grooming in the cooler months can help keep their coats in great condition so those longer styles will be both beautiful and functional!


The competition is heating up, but at the moment, Michigan is in the lead.  Check our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute scores!

Our annual "House Divided" competition is on until the Michigan/Michigan State game in November.  Earn points for your team with each college bandana and tie purchase. 

Michigan won last year - who will be victorious in 2013?!

That's a BIG Dog!

Have you heard about Zeus?  This Great Dane from Otsego measures  44 inches from floor to shoulder and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records! 

Do You Own a Grooming Shop? 
Our Graduates Can Help


Paragon graduates can help make your business BOOM!  If you're looking for a groomer to join your team, let us know.  We can post information about your business and any available groomer or bather positions.  Send us an email with details and we'll make sure to tell our students all about you!

"I'm thinking about making a career change..." 
How can I get started at Paragon?

Every day I speak to men and women who are ready for something more.  They want a career that's fulfilling and offers them a chance to do something they've always dreamed of - working with animals.  If this sounds like you, you owe it to yourself to see what Paragon can do for you. 

We offer both on-site and online programs using the curriculum, tools, and methods that are designed to help you succeed.  We will teach you how to make pets look and feel their best in a way that will also help you maximize your earning potential.

Our Orientation classes start every other Monday.  Don't wait for next month or next year.  Your dream career is waiting for you.

If you'd like to know more or would like to schedule a tour, call
616.667.7297 for an information packet and a time when we can meet to discuss your goals.

Click here to visit our website! 



My Dog Smells Great!  
New cologne choices available

We have some wonderful new fragrances to try.  Choose from:

Vanilla & Black Raspberry
Spring Water & Cucumber
Touch of Mango
Sweet Italian Lem
on & Sugarcane
Passion Fruit
Passion Flower
Coconut & Pineapple
Citrus & Pomegranate
Fresh & Clean

Blueberry Pie 


Whether it's shampoo, brushes, clippers, blades, or books - we've got it!   

Call 616-667-7297 or click here for a complete catalog.  We can even mail one to you at no cost!

Perfect for the student, groomer, and pet owner.

The Paragon School of Pet Grooming


110 Chicago Drive

Jenison, Michigan 49428





Monday - Friday

7:00 am - 6:00 pm



Pet Grooms by Appointment



Drop Off Times

7:00 - 8:00 am

12:00 - 1:00 pm



Walk in Nail

Trimming Service


8:00 - 5:00


Are Long Nails a Problem?  


Purchase this nail trim punch card for $25 and save $15 off 5 nail trims.  Perfect for the dog with really long nail quicks - get them trimmed more often so that those quicks will recede.  In no time, we'll be able to get her nails nice and short!




The holidays are quickly approaching.  Don't get left out in the cold!

Schedule your holiday appointments now and beat the rush.  We fill up quickly for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so be sure to plan ahead!





Spruce up your pet

between appointments!


Even if your pets aren't ready for a full groom by the time Christmas rolls around, we can still help them look their best for guests and the holiday family portrait.


Paragon offers a Touch Up Service that includes:

Thorough Brush Out

Finishing Spray

Neatening Trim  


of the Feet and Face

a Holiday Bow or Bandana


This "while you wait" service is available between 9:30-11:30 and 2:30-4:30. The fee is just $10 for small and mid sized pets, $15 for larger pets.

Call ahead or just drop by...

we'll be happy to help!







Thinking about a future in pet grooming? 
Watch this video!

The Paragon School of Pet Grooming



Cat Grooming Available


Cats need love, too! 
Let us bathe and deshed your kitty for you. 
You and your kitty,
(not to mention your furniture)
will love it!

    Up to date rabies vaccinations are required for cat grooming. 
Hagrid's dog in the Harry Potter movies is played by a Neoploitan Mastiff.

You probably know that the Basset Hound is bred for its amazing abilities to detect scents.  Did you also know that its short legs are designed to keep it close to the ground and its ears are long so they can brush the earth, helping to stir up and capture scents for his powerful nose to follow?    
Free Oatmeal Upgrade
Dry, Itchy Skin?
As we turn on the heat in our homes, that forced air can dry out not only our skin, but our pet's, as well.  Our oatmeal shampoo can help moisturize dry, itchy skin.  Try it this month on us and see the difference it makes.

 Valid for appointments set for November 2013 only.

Offer Expires: November 27, 2013