FEBRUARY Issue No. 53
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24 April 2014  
NGB Headquarters Arlington, VA  

This year's theme is sustainability technologies applicable to our domestic response mission. This event is an informal professional development opportunity for the ~3000 National Guard personnel in Arlington Hall Station and a fun family day for the ~300 kids that participate. There is no fee to participate.


Questions? Contact LTC Mike Speth, Special Assistant to the G-4 for Sustainability & Energy ARNG Directorate, michael.e.speth.mil@mail.mil 

703-607-4271 or Amy Gorman, amy.gorman.ctr@ndu.edu 

Interview with Pat McArdle (Solar Cookers International)   
In this month's feature story we are highlighting one of our longest members of the community, Pat McArdle from Solar Cookers International (SCI).   The interview covered the organization's history, its highlighted accomplishments, current track, and its relationship with the TIDES project based at the Center for Technology and National Security Policy at the National Defense University. Specifically, it delved into the critical issue of TIDES' collaboration with Low cost vs. high cost technologies for sustainable solutions and TIDES welcomes all feedback across the Network.

SCI has been supporting distressed populations for over a quarter century, and they are still going strong. TIDES continues to highly value the long-term partnership with Pat McArdle and Solar Cookers International, looking to them as leaders in the development world. One can only hope that the next quarter century is as inspiring as this last one.


For more information on Solar Cookers please check out our following links:

Solar Cookers International Website -for the latest in Solar Cookers International, science or how to get involved


SCI Advocacy Packet provides a comprehensive overview of the concepts and applicability of solar cooking.  For those interested in solar cooking, this is a must read.


If you are interested in interviewing for the TIDES Newsletter please contact

Amy Gorman, amy.gorman.ctr@ndu.edu 
Army National Guard Sustainability & Energy Section wants to hear from you!   


"The Army National Guard Sustainability & Energy section for facilities management and logistics is interested in learning more about your technologies!  If you are interested in demonstrating your water, sanitation, or power technology to leaders within the Army National Guard, please contact Mary Jo Snavely at mary.j.snavely.ctr@mail.mil"

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February has been a busy month from WEST 2014 to SO/LIC, to RELIEF experiments at Camp Roberts!  New events are being added periodically, so don't forget to check out the STAR-TIDES Calendar of Events!  
STAR-TIDES Exhibits at WEST 2014 for 7th Year in a Row! 

For the 7th year in a row, TIDES participated in the WEST Conference held at the San Diego Convention Center, from 11-13 February 2014.  There were 15 exhibitors with the TIDES exhibit, showing sustainable power, UAV technologies, sanitation, personal water transport, solar cooking mobile communication & telecommunication platforms, and visualization/ information tools for disaster response.  While AFCEA West tends to have exhibitors that are security, communications, and technology focused, this event allows for exhibitors to network with DoD, USG, academia, and fellow exhibitors.  The event provided insights into the changing Maritime Strategy through panel discussions and speakers.  The conference was valuable in terms of contacts made, learning about implications for CTNSP/TIDES and the DoD in the new Maritime Strategy from DoD and industry leaders, STAR-TIDES contacts made, and understanding the value of TIDES research in the maritime sector. Read More

To check out pictures from this event, click here or check out the STAR-TIDES Facebook page!

Thank you to all our exhibitors!
Action Systems, Day and Night Solar, EcoLoo, Energy Solutions
Inmarsat, Instant Eye, Lyman Communications, MINDTEL,
Mobility Solutions & Innovations, Planetary Power, San Diego State University, Sirona Cares, Tri-Star Services

What do we know in disasters? Exploring Methods of Situational Awareness In Disasters at Camp Roberts
From 10-13 Feb, Mr. Sam Bendett, TIDES Research Analyst, attended the Joint Interagency Field Experiments at Camp Roberts, CA, that brought together DoD, DHS, private sector and NGOs attendees for technical field testing and policy discussions of joint disaster relief and emergency response in CONUS and OCONUS environments. Read More  
Post Disaster Housing & Resettlement: What Can We Do?

(by: Amy Gorman) Why is shelter such a difficult problem to solve?  Shelter following a disaster is one of the areas where we just don't have a good solution. History shows that the international community can only meet 20% of the (shelter) need.  Then we can only conclude that 80% is met by affected people themselves, rebuilding their homes using their own labor. Understanding this, we need to find creative ways to help the other 80%. This blog post explores some of the issues and possible solutions to the complex problem. Read More! 

TIDES Shares Sustainable Solutions to the Special Ops Community at SO/LIC
Earlier this month, TIDES exhibited at the 25th Annual SO/LIC (Special Operations/ Low Intensity Conflict) Symposium & Exhibition at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park, in Washington, DC.   This year's show explored integrating worldwide partners to support global SO/LIC employment.  The TIDES exhibit showcased a variety of low tech solutions (including renewable energy, shelter, cookstoves, etc.) to support Special Operation Forces in action missions. STAR-TIDES solutions are ideal for SO/LIC missions because they can help DOD and other US Government components identify infrastructure, equipment, and processes that can greatly reduce the costs of providing effective support to stressed populations.
Cool Websites to Check out for the latest in HA/DR and Development!
- Water and Conflict: A Toolkit for Programing: USAID has just released the Water & Conflict Toolkit is part of a series that explores how development assistance can address key risk factors associated with conflict and fragility.  By exploring water issues in depth, the toolkit and others in the series serve as companion pieces to conflict assessments. Together, the USAID Conflict Assessment Framework (CAF 2.0) and toolkits are designed to help development practitioners gain a deeper understanding of the forces driving violence and instability and to assist in developing more strategic and focused development interventions.TIDES was able to attend their book launch. For more on the event, Click Here.   

-The Humanitarian Logistics Association Certification Program was created in collaboration with a multi-agency Advisory Committee (to include USAID, Save the Children, Catholic Relief Services, and the ICRC) to enable humanitarian organizations around the world to strengthen humanitarian assistance through professional training.

HLA promotes and supports professional development initiatives within the global humanitarian logistics community of practice. It acts as a neutral interface to leverage knowledge, information and capability across humanitarian organizations. TIDES Network members working in the humanitarian assistance realm might want to check this out to gain a better understanding of the needs & wants on the ground. 



STAR-TIDES is an international research and networking project that is only as good as its members.  Learn more and consider joining us in bringing research support and relief to stressed populations.  Continue to share and support TIDES by clicking the "Update Profile/Email Address" link below.



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