JANUARY Issue No. 52
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11-14 Feb 2014  
San Diego Convention Center 
Don't forget to stop by the STAR-TIDES Exhibit!

Below are exhibitors within the STAR-TIDES booth:
Action Systems
Day and Night Solar
Energy Solutions
Instant Eye
Lyman Communications

Mobility Solutions & Innovations
Planetary Power
San Diego State University
Sirona Cares
Tri-Star Services 
WEST 2014 is co-sponsored by AFCEA International and the U.S. Naval Institute, both non-profit, non-lobbying membership associations. Registration is free for military and government.
Questions? Contact Amy Gorman, amy.gorman.ctr@ndu.edu 

10-12 Feb 2014  
Washington Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, DC 
Don't forget to stop by the STAR-TIDES Exhibit!

Sponsored by NDIA  
(National Defense  
Industrial Association)
Questions? Contact Amy Gorman, amy.gorman.ctr@ndu.edu 
Interview with Al Zaccor (Solar Stik)  
TIDES recently sat down with Mr. Al Zaccor from Solar Stik.  
who first started working with TIDES nearly six years ago at the TIDES Field Demonstration at Ft. McNair in 2007. Since then, Solar Stik has participated in ever TIDES demo. "TIDES is an excellent venue to network and share ideas," Mr. Zaccor stated.

At the 7th Annual TIDES Technology Field Demonstration, Solar Stik (a company that provides portable power solutions for domestic, international, and DoD purposes)
both exhibited and provided power to fellow exhibitors.  Read more


If you are interested in interviewing for the TIDES Newsletter please contact

Amy Gorman, amy.gorman.ctr@ndu.edu 
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Happy New Year! TIDES has a number of events planned this year, with new ones being added periodically.  So don't forget to check out the STAR-TIDES Calendar of Events!  
Exhibit at National Guard Bureau's Earth Day / Take Your Child to Work Day!

The National Guard Bureau Headquarters is holding its annual Earth Day / Take Your Child to Work Day celebration on 24 April 2014 in Arlington, VA. This year we would like to highlight sustainability technologies that are applicable to our domestic response mission. We would like to invite partners in the National Defense University's STAR-TIDES network to exhibit at our event, which serves an informal professional development opportunity for the ~3000 National Guard personnel in Arlington Hall Station and a fun family day for the ~300 kids that participate. There is no fee to participate.


Would you be interested in coming to our event to do some show and tell of your products and capabilities? We are fairly flexible on space (indoor/outdoor/large areas/electrical hook-ups) so make us a proposal and we can start from there.


Looking forward to hearing from you,

LTC Mike Speth

Special Assistant to the G-4 for Sustainability & Energy ARNG Directorate



TIDES attends Drones for Development Deep Dive
On 22 Jan in Washington, D.C., TIDES took part in an IREX-sponsored event called Drones for Development which brought together specialists, practitioners, and scientists from the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, private sector, and non-profit organizations to discuss rapid advances in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and system developments, policy challenges, and potential application in the developing world.  Following four presentations, participants brainstormed on applications of micro to midsized UAVs in domestic and civilian environments.  They also discussed potential policy challenges and logistical hurdles surrounding UAVs. 

Some topics included using UAVs to track wildlife and interdict poachers in Africa; interest in UAV technology in the US and internationally; as well as increasing applications of UAVs in the developing world's infrastructure and rural environments. 

One of the more interesting ideas presented was Matternet Vision, which was conceived at Singularity University as a way to utilize unmanned aerial systems for delivering light cargo in rural and developing environments where infrastructure is insufficient.

If you are interested, here are links to drone funding opportunities:

Also, don't forget to review and add to the Drones Resource Document for your continued topical explorations.

Tech Trail-Blazers Award to be announced
The Tech Trailblazers (http://techtrailblazers.com/) is global awards program focused on enterprise technology start-ups only. They have awards in: big data, cloud, info-security, mobile, networking, storage, sustainable IT, emerging markets and virtualization. The program recognizes and rewards technological and commercial innovation and entrepreneurial excellence. Winners in each category win mentoring from a leading vendor and VC and IPO boot camps, along with thousands of dollars' worth of prizes.  Check out this year's winners!

One start-up on the short list for "Emerging Markets" is Ideacentric by Silas Okwoche and Dimeji Obimakinde who worked through Wennovation Hub to develop.  Ideacentric is providing capability of smartphones for Africa by accepting flash drives directly into the Android operating system.  It provides an app that allows zero-cost communication between people in local languages, and serves as a CPU when connected to a HDMI screen and Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse.  

Army National Guard Sustainability & Energy Section wants to hear from you!  

"The Army National Guard Sustainability & Energy section for facilities management and logistics is interested in learning more about your technologies!  If you are interested in demonstrating your water, sanitation, or power technology to leaders within the Army National Guard, please contact Mary Jo Snavely at mary.j.snavely.ctr@mail.mil"

Cool Websites to Check out for the latest in HA/DR and Development!
  •  The European Journalism Centre (EJC) has released the Verification Handbook, the first ever guide for using user-generated content (UGC) during humanitarian emergencies. The many new technologies out there imply that there are many new technologies to wittingly or non wittingly invade people's privacy.  This is a concern of the Red Cross and other large agencies working in this field and this is the firsts journal that addresses this.  TIDES is also working in thsi area with NORTHCOM.  NORTHCOM's mission includes dealing with disasters from Canada to Mexico including supporting domestic civilian authorities in disasters such as in Hurricane Sandy or Katrina.  As such, in the US, people must be careful to not use information that would otherwise be protected by privacy issues 
  • DisasterReady.org is a free, easy to use online training resource designed to help prepare aid workers for the demands they face in the field.  Supported by UNH, HCR, and Save the Children as a way to train those who may be called upon to respond to disasters.  



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