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11-14 Feb 2014  
San Diego Convention Center 

Would you like to exhibit with STAR-TIDES at AFCEA West 2014? 
Contact Amy Gorman, amy.gorman@ndu.edu.   

WEST 2014 is co-sponsored by AFCEA International and the U.S. Naval Institute, both non-profit, non-lobbying membership associations. Registration is free for military and government.
Dec. 17, 2013; Huntsville Alabama 

Interview with  

Wayne Chiles 

(ShelterBox Ambassador)

Wayne Chiles, a volunteer for the international organization
ShelterBox  and member of the Rotary Club of Springfield, VA, has been a regular face at the STAR-TIDES demo since the first event in 2007.

Mr. Chiles describes the TIDES demo is a great opportunity to meet with people to whom he would not normally be exposed, especially student groups. Student groups from NDU, with their varied backgrounds, nationalities and responsibilities, are powerful for ShelterBox because these military personnel can potentially allow for interactions that may help ShelterBox with logistics following a disaster. 


Since 2001, ShelterBox has served over 1 million people in over 90 countries, responding to earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, typhoons, hurricanes, volcanoes and conflict. The Rotary International network of 34,000+ clubs is a key partner for ShelterBox as a source of donations and especially for their assistance to SRTs during deployments in their home countries.

Currently, ShelterBox has pledged to aid at least 4,000 families in the Philippines affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan.  ShelterBox receives no government funding and is supported entirely through donations.  Mr. Chiles commented on how connections made through the STAR-TIDES network help to provide aid faster and more efficiently.
Click here for More Information the the Shelterbox Typhoon Haiyan Emergency Appeal.  To Read More  
Every month, we will be providing stories from people and groups in the STAR-TIDES Network

If you are interested in participating, please contact Amy Gorman, (amy.gorman.ctr@ndu.edu) for details! 
CTNSP BROWN BAGS: Join us to Present or Attend!
Every other Wednesday, CTNSP holds a brown bag session at National Defense University where speakers are given the opportunity to present their research to interested audiences.  These sessions allow speakers to obtain outside perspectives on their research and find new people to collaborate with.  Please join us!


If you would like to present your research, please contact Nelly Mobula nelly.mobula@ndu.edu  with your top two choices for when you would like to present. 

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New Publications 
The Future Can't Wait (USAID, Sept 2013)- Interested in future development challenges? Please check out The Future Can't Wait, a pub that we worked on with our friends at US Agency for International Development,
and Woodrow Wilson Center. Dr. Wells and CTNSP Senior Research Fellow, Neyla Arnas were contributors.


Center for Technology & National Security Policy Website  It has all CTNSP Publications! Of note:    


Defense Horizons 75, Valued Sustainable Services: Building Partnership Capacity Through Collaborating Approaches

Defense Horizons 76,  Sharing to Succeed: Lessons from Open Information Sharing Projects in Afghanistan  


Defense Horizons 73: Toward the Printed World: Additive Manufacturing and Implications for National Security 

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STAR-TIDES Network in Action to Support Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts
Source: Christian Science Monitor

On November 8th, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, affecting the lives of over 11 million people, displacing almost a million people, and killing almost 5,000.  In support of Typhoon Haiyan relief, TIDES is facilitating support in 4 broad areas: Equipment, Communications, Coordination, and Documentation/JPME.  The strength of the network showed through with so many STAR-TIDES members pulling together! We are putting together lessons learned and a full event summary of STAR-TIDES efforts, so keep a look out next month!

A special thanks goes out to those STAR-TIDES members who offered great support, information, and collaborated without hesitation to help the people of the Philippines: 

All Hazards Defense Experts' Group
John Crowley, STAR-TIDES Camp Roberts Coordinator
Joel Feyerherm 
Doug Hanchard, Rapid Response Consulting
John Holloway, HCA/HADR Comms & Info Sharing Analyst
Dean Hudson, GATR Technologies
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
Japanese Resilience Yuki N. Karakawa
Jason Kass, Toilets for People
Pete Kilcommons, MedWeb
Mark Logic
Pamela O'Brien, New Vision Renewable Energy

Joseph Pacheco, Rock-It Cargo

John Rendon, The Rendon Group, Inc.

Brian Steckler of the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)
Jeff Stern, Range Networks
Phil Stockdale, CTNSP, National Defense University
Jayson Southworth and Matt Lafleur, ADS
Katie Toye, Disaster Logistics Network
Al Zaccor, SolarStik

To highlight some of the support STAR-TIDES provided, for
DOCUMENTATION, the STAR-TIDES website (www.star-tides.net) is continuously updating key papers, news, current imagery and reports on the typhoon and disaster response, under "TIDES Typhoon Haiyan Updates." We are working with USPACOM, USAID and others to facilitate delivery of capabilities to appropriate US and local authorities.
EQUIPMENT examples include: facilitating coordination of USSOUTHCOM's offer to provide five water filtration systems to the Philippines, arranging shipment of three smaller DoD-developed kits with integrated water purification, hybrid power and communications, bringing together requests for sanitation solutions with offers of shipping, and linking commercial offers of renewable/hybrid power with potential users. In COMMUNICATIONS, TIDES is supporting the deployment of "hastily formed network" capabilities, telecoms assessment teams, and commercial offers to provide "drop-in," power-grid independent cellphone network systems for hard-hit areas as selected by those forward. COORDINATION
is ongoing with OSD, the open-source Geospatial Information System (GIS) volunteer community, Japanese relief networks, and others. As the situation unfolds, we plan to compare lessons from Haiyan relief with those from the 2004 tsunami, Katrina, Haiti, Fukushima, Sandy and other disasters and fold them into NDU publications and JPME.
STAR-TIDES Website is Up and Running!

After a short hiatus while we changed website managers, the STAR-TIDES Website is up, ready for you to explore!

The Bibliography is filled with over 120 relevant articles and reference materials and the Blog is updated daily with the latest news and events related to STAR-TIDES from upcoming events that might be of interest to the latest humanitarian assistance/disaster relief responses to the latest development improvements.  It is all there! 

Do not forget to check out the extensive Media Room that includes photo albums dating back to the very first TIDES Field Demonstration at National Defense University until today and a variety of STAR-TIDES and TIDES-related videos!

There is also the Infrastructure Directory that showcases technologies from the eight STAR-TIDES Infrastructures: Power, Shelter, Water, Sanitation, Integrated Cooking, Heating/Cooling, Lighting, and Information Communication Technology.

If you would like to add anything to the Infrastructure Directory or any other part of STAR-TIDES website, please contact Sam Bendett at samuel.bendett@ndu.edu, and we'll get it posted!
TIDES exhibits at "Resilience in Your Neighborhood: A Community Event"-
Koshland Science Museum 
On 16 November TIDES exhibited at the Resilience in Your Neighborhood event at the Marian Koshland Science Museum in Washington, D.C. Our display focused on low-cost, low-tech solutions for emergency preparedness. The event featured disaster relief experts and interactive displays from the American Red Cross, Shelterbox and the National Academy of Sciences.


We had a great time speaking with students and families about how TIDES approaches can support community resilience. We also connected with a Lego League group from Hunters Woods Elementary School in Reston, VA. The students are currently working on a kinetic watch that converts body heat and energy into power. Did I mention they are in 5th grade!! We were SO impressed by the group that we invited them to NDU to present their project.


The Resilience in Your a Neighborhood event was part of the Koshland's new community resilience programming. Back in October the TIDES team participated in the museum's Extreme Event Challenge, an interactive group game which focused on a real-world disaster scenario.


A special thanks to the Koshland for including us in their event!

National Information Exchange Model (NIEM
in November! David Becker Presents Humanitarian Exchange Language (HXL)

This past March, the Defense Department signed a memo to adopt NIEM as the DoD-wide system for information sharing. This has potential to improve information sharing across DoD and with mission partners. The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) is an information exchange framework consisting of organizations across all levels of government (federal, state, local and tribal) and the private sector. The purpose is to share information related to safetydisaster managementintelligence, homeland security, etc.

Then, last month, National Defense University hosted NIEM in November a day-long live and virtual workshop for the entire NIEM community.  During the event, TIDES' David Becker participated in the Domain Lightning Round and briefed participants on the Humanitarian Exchange Language (HXL). We plan to work more closely with NIEM especially on efforts like HXL, an initiative to improve data exchange between US and UN organizations working in disaster and emergency response. For more info on HXL Click Here   

To Watch the NIEM Event (November 2013)

TIDES hits the Road!

We are looking into the possibility of taking TIDES on the road this upcoming spring. The TIDES Roadshow would allow us to expose DoD to some of the low-cost sustainable technology solutions that support the joint warfighter.  If the event is approved, we would transport the technologies in a large trailer to various DoD facilities across the East Coast. Specifically we are looking for TIDES-related items for demonstration and display items to display. While nothing has been confirmed, we are interested to see which organizations are interested in participating in the TIDES Roadshow.Interested vendors should contact Lou Elin Dwyer (louelin.dwyer@ndu.edu, 202-685-7284)



STAR-TIDES is an international research and networking project that is only as good as its members.  Learn more and consider joining us in bringing research support and relief to stressed populations.  Continue to share and support TIDES by clicking the "Update Profile/Email Address" link below.



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