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Every other Wednesday, CTNSP holds a brown bag session at National Defense University where speakers are given the opportunity to present their research to interested audiences.  These sessions allow speakers to obtain outside perspectives on their research and find new people to collaborate with.  Please join us!


If you would like to present your research, please contact Nelly Mobula nelly.mobula@ndu.edu  with your top two choices for when you would like to present. 

We would like thank all the exhibitors at the TIDES Technology Field Demonstration this year!  For a list of all of our exhibitors, click here!  A special thanks goes to those exhibitors that provided infrastructure support to the demo:

Babington Technology
Energy Solutions, LLC
First Water Systems, Inc.
GATR Technologies
Hybrid Pedals
Institutional Stove Solutions
KSI Video
LRAD Corporation
MAC Water Technologies, Inc.
NVIS Communications
One Earth Designs
Solar Cookers International
Solar Stik
WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc. (WWST)
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Nov 16, 2013; Koshland Science Museum, Washington, D.C. 
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Dec. 17, 2013; Huntsville Alabama 
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The Future Can't Wait (USAID, Sept 2013)- Interested in future development challenges? Please check out The Future Can't Wait, a pub that we worked on with our friends at US Agency for International Development, U.S. Department of State and Woodrow Wilson Center. Dr. Wells and CTNSP Senior Research Fellow, Neyla Arnas were contributors.




Center for Technology & National Security Policy Website   

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Defense Horizons 75, Valued Sustainable Services: Building Partnership Capacity Through Collaborating Approaches

Defense Horizons 76,  Sharing to Succeed: Lessons from Open Information Sharing Projects in Afghanistan 

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This October, we held the largest and most successful TIDES Technology Field Demonstrations at both Ft. McNair, Washington, DC and the Pentagon in its history!  For the 7th year running, TIDES showcased low-cost technology solutions (i.e. water, power, shelter) with over 60 exhibitors from all over the country demonstrating some of the newest and most interesting technologies in the development and emergency support fields for stressed populations; post-disaster, post-conflict and the impoverished.  Additionally, the Demo integrated 18 exhibitors to provide infrastructure services for the event (the most ever). The event included the highest attendance to date (over 700 visitors)--student groups from National Defense University and representatives from The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the US State Department, the American Red Cross and a host of other organizations. Speakers from all over the military, academia, NGOs, and private sector shared their insights including The Honorable Dennis McGinn, Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Energy, Installations & Environment); Mr. Scott Sklar, a leading energy expert; and Dr. Walter Dorn, from the Canadian Forces College.  The following week from 7-9 October, TIDES exhibited at the Pentagon Center Courtyard.  These events provided vast opportunities to share insights, thus creating a deeper understanding of the issues we face today in development and emergency support.


To check pictures from the event, click here in our new STAR-TIDES Photo Gallery!  We also have tons of pictures on the STAR-TIDES Facebook page, so don't miss us there either!

The theme of this issue is the TIDES Demo.  You will find in this newsletter a few write-ups from some of the speakers, Enjoy!
TIDES hits the Road!

We are looking into the possibility of taking TIDES on the road this upcoming spring. The TIDES Roadshow would allow us to expose DoD to some of the low-cost sustainable technology solutions that support the joint warfighter.  If the event is approved, we would transport the technologies in a large trailer to various DoD facilities across the East Coast. Specifically we are looking for TIDES-related items for demonstration and display items to display. While nothing has been confirmed, we are interested to see which organizations are interested in participating in the TIDES Roadshow.Interested vendors should contact Lou Elin Dwyer (louelin.dwyer@ndu.edu, 202-685-7284)

On Oct 2nd, TIDES welcomed the Honorable Dennis McGinn to speak at the TIDES Demo. Mr. McGinn serves as the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations and Environment. Mr. McGinn firmly believes that the TIDES program serves as a window into the Department of Defense for the private sector. Through the STAR-TIDES network, private companies can connect their ideas to those in government looking for solutions much easier then through traditional acquisition systems. This public-private partnership not only makes the distribution of ideas easier and is more fiscally sound. In order to more efficiently assist victims of crises, the military needs to develop a more universal system of technology acquisition across all branches and with NGOs.  In Mr. McGinn's opinion, this partnership is the necessary next step for the government.  Read more 

(By Manal Farah)- On Oct 2, 2013, Scott Sklar (President of Stella Group Ltd) facilitated a discussion on Compatibilities & Logistics for the Military. The talk focused on the necessity for decreasing our reliance on natural resources and investing into new energy solutions to assist with our military readiness.  

Mr. Sklar mentioned that the TIDES initiative at NDU is relevant to the overall mission of finding integrated approaches to bridge the gap between domestic firms producing cutting edge energy solutions and the DoD. The global impact of reducing our reliance on fuel consumption is vital to better understanding the debate on whether renewable energy is an investment that will eventually pay off. Read more 

(By: Brianna Isabelle) On Oct 1st, the TIDES 2013 Demo kicked off our week-long speaker series with LT Anne Gibbons. LT Gibbons provided an enthusiastic and creative workshop-style program that engaged the audience and pushed their creativity to discuss, "Design Thinking in Building Capacity." Design thinking is the ability to utilize creativity to enact change where creativity and innovation are lacking in the design process.



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