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Upcoming Events
David Becker, Director of TIDES, will be exhibiting the "Humanitarian Exchange Language (HXL): Improving Patient Data Access in Disasters" at
Georgetown University Hotel and Conference Center
Washington, DC
September 17-18, 2013. 
For more info about HXL click here!
TIDES is hosting the
tides demo flyer
7th Annual TIDES Technology Demonstration
Ft. McNair, Washington, D.C
October 1 to 4, 2013
TIDES is exhibiting at
October 28-29, 2013 

December 17, 2013;
Huntsville Alabama- home to the U.S. Army Materiel Command, U.S. Army Contracting Command, & U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center.
New Publications 

The Center for Technology & National Security Policy has just published a number of publications; check them out at the new CTNSP Website!  

Make sure to read:   


Defense Horizons 75, Valued Sustainable Services: Building Partnership Capacity Through Collaborating Approaches


Defense Horizons 76,  Sharing to Succeed: Lessons from Open Information Sharing Projects in Afghanistan 

Cameroonian Fons Council Looking for Partners in Infrastructure Development
Interested in introducing your technology to Africa, but don't know where to start?  The Cameroonian Fons Council and Delta Bridge are currently looking for companies wanting to bring infrastructure improvement to their home communities. If interested,contact Nelly Mobula, nelly.mobula@ndu.edu

NW Fons Council Homepage
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Click here to check out last year's TIDES Technology Field Demonstration VIDEO!
Oct 1-4, 2013  

Ft. McNair, Washington, D.C. 


Come see innovators, NGOs, & universities demonstrate their solutions!  


The TIDES Technology Field Demo hosts a myriad of humanitarian assistance/disaster relief, stabilization and reconstruction technologies and ideas that showcase latest private sector (business, not-for-profit, and academic) achievements in providing shelter, power, water, sanitation, lighting, heating & cooling, cooking and information communication solutions.  This is a
free event,  and we provide tables and chairs for exhibitors (though transportation and lodging costs are at one's own expense). All activities will be outside (rain or shine), independent of the power grid, and communications will be live!

Some of our speakers will include:
  • Mr. Dennis McGinn, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations and Environment
  • Dr. Walter Dorn, Canadian Forces College
  • Mr. Sheldon Himelfarb, Director, Center of Innovation: Science, Technology and Peacebuilding at United States Institute of Peace
  • Mr. Scott Sklar, President, The Stella Group, LTD.
  • Mr. Chris Albon, Director of Data Projects, Ushahidi
Register today to exhibit or visit at: www.tidesdemo13.eventbrite.com  For more information,contact Amy Gorman at amy.gorman.ctr@ndu.edu 
Camp Roberts 13-3 Conducts Varied Experiments
On August 5-8, TIDES team participated in JIFX-RELIEF field experimentation (Joint Interagency Field Explorations/Research and Experimentation for Local and International Emergency and First Responders) at Camp Roberts, CA.
The interagency event brought together participants from the Department of Defense, US civilian response agencies, private sector and international organizations dealing with humanitarian assistance/disaster relief (HA/DR)/emergency response efforts in order to test out new technologies, approaches and
policies. Participants experimented with numerous social media and situational awareness tools, as well as unmanned aerial systems (UAVs) geared towards assisting affected populations in natural or man-made disasters.www.npsrelief.org
To learn more, contact Sam Bendett at samuel.bendett@ndu.edu


Power Africa 

On Tuesday, October 15th our subject matter experts will convene at a forum to discuss low-cost, easily deployable alternative technology that could help the President's Power Africa Initiative achieve the International Energy Agency's goal of obtaining $300 billion in investment to achieve universal electricity access by 2030. STAR-TIDES power infrastructure team's goal in Africa is to build host-government capacity to develop, approve, finance and ultimately bring power projects to fruition with minimal donor



 To support this need, TIDES Africa Initiative Subject Matter Experts will provide recommendations on how Power Africa could work with host governments US agencies and private sector in technical assistance, grants and risk mitigation and help them adopt and implement the policy, regulatory, and other reforms necessary to attract private sector investment in the energy and power sectors. The keynote speaker of the event will be Andrew Herscowitz, the coordinator for President Barack Obama's Power Africa and Trade Africa initiatives. See Andrew Herscowitz's Bio.To learn more about the White House's project, Power Africa, Click Here.    


POC: Nelly Mobula nelly.mobula@ndu.edu or 202.685.1971

TIDES Team Trains on Soft Power 
On 28-29 Aug, the TIDES team were invited to participate in a 2 day class on soft power by Soft Power, LLc., http://www.softpowersolutions.com/) Attended by leaders throughout the military, the U.S. Government, and academic leaders throughout the D.C. Area, this dynamic training provided opportunities to work through complex problems directly applicable to some of the largest challenges that the U.S. military have encountered in the last 10 years. This training uses a repeatable construct of co-creation for building partner capacity abroad and domestically. It based its metrics off of first identifying where the most fundamental issues lie: Climate, Resources, Energy/Environment, Water. These issues should be addressed through the following lenses: Perception/education, Religion/ideology, Improved energy/environment, Medical/health, and Economics. To learn more about the concepts from this training to use in your efforts, click here.

"Soft power is the ability to provide stability and security through the co-creation of solutions involving energy, environment, medical, health, and economics." Edwin A. (Skip) Vincent, Brig Gen, USAF (Ret), Soft Power Solutions Chairman

Open Source Information Sharing and indigenous ISR in Africa


The spread of militant groups and illicit networks, disaster and crisis response have prompted the US and other partner nations to step up their intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) activities in Africa.Effective and efficient ISR technology has  been recognized to be a key component of providing information that would help mitigate suffering to civilians. Civilians are constantly under physical threat brought on by: drought, natural disasters, food insecurity and terrorism.  ISR activities in Africa are carried out by the US, the EU, African military, African regional organizations and private military contractors.

The Center for Technology and National Security Policy "Open Source Information Sharing and Indigenous ISR in Africa" forum to be held later on this year at the National Defense University is a unique opportunity that will address the pressing issues of today and in the future concerning indigenous information sharing and open source technology in the context of sustainable ISR in Africa.  The forum will bring together subject matter experts from the US and Africa intelligence community, academics, students and ISR technology developers to panel discussions across four key areas:
  • Role of intelligence in human security
  • Developing effective institutions
  • Open versus secret intelligence
  • Role of information sharing & open source technology to predict and mitigate instability and conflict In Africa

The forum culminates with a rigorous action plan workshop facilitated by a Human-Centered Design expert aimed at creating new  solutions  emanating from the needs, dreams, and expectations of the workshop participants.  To read entire article, click here (For more information, contact Nelly Mobula, nelly.mobula@ndu.edu) 



STAR-TIDES is an international research and networking project that is only as good as its members.  Learn more and consider joining us in bringing research support and relief to stressed populations.  Continue to share and support TIDES by clicking the "Update Profile/Email Address" link below.



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