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7th Annual TIDES Technology Demonstration 

Oct 2-5, 2013  

Ft. McNair Washington, D.C.,  


Come see innovators, NGOs, & universities demonstrate their solutions!  


Register today to exhibit or visit at: www.tidesdemo13.eventbrite.com
For more information,contact Amy Gorman at amy.gorman.ctr@ndu.edu
TIDES will be exhibiting at the

Inmarsat Government Workshop 2013 Forum
Pentagon City, Arlington, VA.

26-27 June 2013


For more information, contact Amy Gorman at amy.gorman.ctr@ndu.edu
TIDES is exhbiting at
August 5 - 6, 2013 

Reserve your seat now!

For more information: www.leadershipforum.us/energy-leadership 

Contact us: info@leadershipforum.us

TIDES will be participating in
RELIEF 13-13
Camp Roberts, CA
5-9 Aug 2013


To participate visit www.npsrelief.org ; Whitepapers must be submitted to the Naval Postgraduate School no later than July 1, 2013. Contact Tristan Allen, Research Assistant at the Naval Post Graduate School at 831-704-6542 with any questions.

RELIEF (Research & Experimentation for Local & International Emergency First Responders) www.npsrelief.org

For more information, contact Sam Bendett at samuel.bendett@ndu.edu
Disaster Apps- Do you know of any?

 While programmers have developed numerous disaster applications, finding and using the applications during or just prior to a crisis can pose seemingly insurmountable challenges. STAR-TIDES is working to compile a list of these disaster applications so that they can be more easily accessible to the public and crisis responders. If you are aware of any mobile, web-based or SMS applications that could be useful in a post-disaster environment, please feel free to share them with us, particularly in applications designed/ used internationally. Please contact David Becker at david.becker@ndu.edu with comments or assistance. Thank you for your assistance! For a list of the apps we have already found, click here!

Disaster Communications: Humanitarian Exchange Language
 Out of the chaos of the Haitian earthquake, there is a new effort to better coordinate humanitarian efforts in future large disasters. The UN has proposed a simple and cheap way to improve data exchange with governments, UN agencies, and hundreds of non-governmental organizations working in the field of disaster response and reconstruction. Elaborate and expensive software or hardware solutions do not appeal to most NGOs so the UN has begun implementing a new standard data exchange protocol (Humanitarian Exchange Language - HXL) that will improve response times and coordination in crises, without imposing new time and personnel costs on others or requiring new software systems.  Read More.
For more information, contact Nelly Mobula at nelly.mobula@ndu.edu and visit http://hxl.humanitarianresponse.info/
Cameroonian Fons Council Looking for Partners in Infrastructure Development
Are you interested in introducing your technology to Africa, but don't know where to start?  The Cameroonian Fons Council and Delta Bridge have linked up and are currently looking for companies who want to bring infrastructure improvement to their home communities. 
If interested, please contact Nelly Mobula, nelly.mobula@ndu.edu


NW Fons Council Homepage

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TIDES has been busy this month from making strides at Camp Roberts, RELIEF 13-3 Field Experimentation, to exhibiting at EAST:Joint Warfighting and AIDF, to holding a highly successful workshop on "Sustainable Technology for the Protection of Citizens" attended by over 60 people! We are also jumping into planning for the 7th Annual TIDES Technology Demo so if you are interested in exhibiting or attending, please register at www.tidesdemo13.eventbrite.com
Lively Discussions at the TIDES Sponsored Forum on "Protection Technology for the Protection of Civilians"

 On 29 May, TIDES hosted Dr. Walter Dorn, Professor of Defense Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada and the Canadian Forces College, as a keynote speaker at the National Defense University during a forum entitled "Peacekeeping Technology for the Protection of civilians. The goal of the forum was to increase awareness of peacekeeping technologies and how they are being used in practice.  


While much attention has been given to providing the UN with helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles, Dr. Dorn emphasized the importance of basic tools such as smart phones, night vision goggles, video surveillance,and tethered balloons. The forum included two panels of experts that explored how the UN and African militaries could go about making pilot projects to make use of these innovations. The forum was attended by over 60 attendees ranging from U.S Agencies, Academic institutions, non-governmental organizations and the private sector. Click here for pictures of the event!

You can also find the pictures on our Facebook page when you "Like" us!
Rethinking FEMA's Disaster Recovery Centers at the RELIEF 13-3 Field Experimentation
On May 5-9, TIDES team participated in Camp Roberts-RELIEF field experimentation (Research and Experimentation for Local and International Emergency and First Responders) at Paso Robles, CA. The interagency event brought together participants from the Department of Defense, US civilian agencies, private sector and NGOs dealing with humanitarian assistance/disaster relief (HA/DR)/emergency response efforts in order to test out new technologies, approaches and policies. The experiments involved NDU, NPS, FEMA, DHS, as well as members private sector and volunteer technical community. The experiments included rethinking FEMA's Disaster Recovery Centers operations and approaches;  using crowdsourcing to create better communications maps during disasters; and working on creating a partnership between major social media sites to allow for aggregation of photos taken inside the disaster zone with geocoded metadata. Click here for pictures of the experiments! You can also find the pictures on our Facebook page when you "Like" us!


To review the Request for Information (RFI) and apply to participate in the

13-4 event in AUGUST 2013, please visit the  NPS RELIEF Website: www.npsrelief.org; Whitepapers must be submitted to the Naval Postgraduate School no later than July 1, 2013.  Contact Tristan Allen, Research Assistant at the Naval Post Graduate School at 831-704-6542 with any questions.

TIDES Speaks on "Public Private Partnerships" and Exhibits at AIDF

 This year, USAID afforded TIDES the opportunity to speak, moderate, and exhibit at the Aid International Development Forum (AIDF) from 21-22 May 2013. Surrounded by exhibitors focused on sustainable solutions for development and emergency support, TIDES members were able to reconnect with STAR-TIDES members and learn about many others!


Samuel Bendett, TIDES researcher on Domestic disaster issues, spoke at the 'Public-Private Partnerships -  Action Beyond Rhetoric' session during AIDF. He discussed ongoing disaster relief/emergency response field experiments led by the TIDES Project and Naval Postgraduate School that bring numerous inter-agency and non-government partners to Camp Roberts, CA. Sam talked about who participates at Camp Roberts, why they do it and what goes on there. His presentation focused with the recent example - how our joint efforts have enabled FEMA to gain rapid situational awareness in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Fellow panelists included representatives from Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and Global DIRT - Disaster Immediate Response Team. TIDES Director, David Becker, also moderated a panel discussion. Click here fore pictures of the event!  You can also find the pictures on our Facebook page when you "Like" us!
Building Relationships & Sharing Technologies at EAST: Joint Warfighting

 From 14-16 May 2013, TIDES and 13 companies, NGOs and military from the STAR-TIDES network exhibited for the 5th time at the EAST:Joint Warfighting Conference at Virginia Beach. Sponsored by AFCEA and Navy Post Graduate school, EAST:JWF collects together new, influential and  innovative companies to exhibit their products for the military, brings in speakers of the highest levels in the military, and provides ample opportunities for professional education.


Providing innovative, sustainable, low-cost technologies, the STAR-TIDES exhibit provided a unique opportunity for military to explore solutions that align with the fiscal constraints of today. Much interest was generated by visitors.  Within the sphere of the STAR-TIDES booth itself, exhibitors found ample internal networking opportunities. TIDES would like to sincerely thank the J7: Future Joint Force Development for their support, the

Civil-Military Fusion Centre, Decadome, Energy Dense Power Solutions,

Day and Night Solar, MEDWEB, Seamless Solar Solutions,KSI Video, Attivio, Goldbel Hawk, LLC, KnowledgeBridge International, and Northern Lights Applied Sciences LLC. It is their ingenuity, enthusiasm, and endurance that is the foundation of the STAR-TIDES Network's strength. Click here to check out pictures from the event!  You can also find the pictures on our Facebook page when you "Like" us! 


 STAR-TIDES exhibitors were also afforded the opportunity to attend the daily keynote speaker luncheon. Among the headlining speakers at the overall conference, Mr. Frank Kendall, III Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, or USD(AT&L), spoke about the current Department of Defense fiscal environment and the current operating budget's lack of stability. Key points to his speech included that DoD must get to a more reasonable budget (not one as drastic as sequestration), hedge investments in the future by keeping the industrial base in tact and by financing some innovation selectively, emphasize the right training of right jobs, and streamline rules. General Robert W. Cone; Commander of TRADOC also spoke about Strategic Manpower, and "How do we capture the lessons learned- an objective analysis." He spoke of the need to train for network centric warfare with Digital divisions and institutional investments in Cyber. Additionally,  as conflict is inherently a human endeavor, the most recent wars have hallmarked the need to invest in the human domain, notably with regionally aligned forces. "When the train slows down, now is the time to train."


This year, TIDES participation was affected by the sequestration, like all in the DoD, and we are grateful to AFCEA for their support working with us to make such a successful event!



STAR-TIDES is an international research and networking project that is only as good as its members.  Learn more and consider joining us in bringing research support and relief to stressed populations.  Continue to share and support TIDES by clicking the "Update Profile/Email Address" link below.



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