April/May 2013
Issue No. 35
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Upcoming Events
 from 14-16 May in Virginia Beach. 

Contact Amy Gorman, amy.gorman.ctr@ndu.edu if you are interested!
TIDES will be participating in
RELIEF 13-13
Camp Roberts, CA
6-9 May 2013

RELIEF stands for Research & Experimentation for Local & International Emergency First Responders (RELIEF)

For more information, contact Sam Bendett at samuel.bendett@ndu.edu
May 29, 2013
FORUM on "Protection Technology for the Protection of Civilians"

Lincoln Hall Room 3305
Ft. McNair

Washington, D.C.

The forum will be comprised of a panel of experts to discuss how the technologies can be integrated into existing efforts to train and equip peacekeeping forces.  The goal of the forum is to increase awareness of PoC technologies and how they are being used in practice.

For more information, contact Nelly Mobula at nelly.mobula@ndu.edu
Samuel Bendett and David Becker, both from TIDES, will be speaking at the
AID & International Development Forum in Washington, D.C.
20-21 May

To register to attend for free: http://www.aidforumonline.org/
tides demo flyer

Oct 2-5, 2013
TIDES Technology Demonstration 
Ft. McNair 
Washington, D.C.

For more information,contact Amy Gorman at amy.gorman.ctr@ndu.edu
Cameroonian Fons Council Looking for Partners in Infrastructure Development
Are you interested in introducing your technology to Africa, but don't know where to start?  The Cameroonian Fons Council and Delta Bridge have linked up and are currently looking for companies who want to bring infrastructure improvement to their home communities. 
If interested, please contact Nelly Mobula, nelly.mobula@ndu.edu


NW Fons Council Homepage

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Happy Spring! This issue includes a call for papers for the RELIEF 13-4 August Field Experimentation, a call for Disaster Apps, an exploration into Code for America and Feedback from the TIDES African Initiatives Meetup.  The Cameroonian Fons Council is also looking for partners to incorporate sustainable technologies into northern Cameroon.  Don't forget to check out our upcoming events and find out how you can get involved! Enjoy!
RELIEF 13-3 in May &
Call for Papers for August
RELIEF 13-4 Field Experimentation
RELIEF 13-3, Research & Experimentation for Local & International Emergency First Responders, will be held 6-9 May 2013 at the Naval Postgraduate School's McMillan Airfield facility on the Camp Roberts, CA National Guard base. Occurring quarterly, RELIEF is a multi-institutional, semi-structured event focused on the testing and development of humanitarian assistance & disaster response technologies and processes. RELIEF continues to seek technologies that empower and enable the affected population to rapidly assess and self-organize in the pre-response environment. Additionally, RELIEF explores emerging technology solutions for humanitarian workers, first responders, government, military, and others involved in the humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations both domestic and worldwide.


To review the Request for Information (RFI) and apply to participate in the

13-4 event in AUGUST 2013, please visit the  NPS RELIEF Website: www.npsrelief.org; Whitepapers must be submitted to the Naval Postgraduate School no later than July 1, 2013.  Contact Tristan Allen, Research Assistant at the Naval Post Graduate School at 831-704-6542 with any questions.   

Disaster Apps: Do you know of any?

While programmers have developed numerous disaster applications, finding and using the applications during or just prior to a crisis can pose seemingly insurmountable challenges. STAR-TIDES is working to compile a list of these disaster applications so that they can be more easily accessible to the public and crisis responders. If you are aware of any mobile, web-based or SMS applications that could be useful in a post-disaster environment, please feel free to share them with us, particularly in applications designed/ used internationally. Please contact Joel Lowther at joel.lowther@ndu.edu with comments or assistance. Thank you for your assistance! READ MORE 

Code for America

Recently the STAR-TIDES staff came across the Code for America (CfA) website, which provides an inventory of applications for governance and disaster relief. CfA is a non-profit organization of self-described web geeks, city experts and technology leaders working together to build a network of cities, citizens, community groups, and startups.  CfA describes their Commons project as a "community driven civic-app store" which allows civic technologists to share applications and their experience with over 670 apps in 319 cities throughout the United States.  


One of the apps worth noting is Sheltr, which uses an individual's exact location to determine the nearest source of available food, shelter, medical services or other basic human needs. Although CfA concentrates their efforts of domestic issues and not HA/DR in developing countries, their apps directory is a useful tool for any web-based community looking to share emergency applications.   Feel free to join and add apps to the directory. Check it out!   READ MORE 

Feedback from TIDES African Initiatives Meetup

Following the STAR-TIDES African meet-up event on March 20th, attendees were asked to provide feedback on important issues and technologies that they would like to see the African Initiative group focus on. Some of the important issues that the attendees highlighted include; renewable energy, infrastructure improvements, peacekeeping missions, sustainable farming methods, health education, communication security, and creating employment opportunities for the African people. When asked what type of low cost sustainable technologies could be used by partner militaries in Africa, the attendees mentioned; solar energy, water purification, telecommunication equipment, information sharing systems, sanitation technology, language translation devices, and power generators. Attendees also overwhelmingly agreed that a catalog of sustainable technologies would be very helpful, especially if it was available online and routinely updated. Overall, the event was a great success and stimulated constructive dialogue and conversation. Thank you to everyone that participated! (Analysis completed by Mylinda McDaniel and written by Joel Lowther)



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